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Open Source Game Clones

Build and Deploy

This is the source of https://osgameclones.com. Feel free to add new games or improve information about those already in the database by submitting a pull request or opening an issue.

Games database

All of the games and their references to the original games are stored in YAML files under games and originals. All information is inside, and you should more or less understand what's going on by reading it. Sorting is alphabetical, with the exception of ScummVM, just because it's so many games at once.

Add a clone / remake of a game

Fill in the game form presented when you create a new issue. Even better if you edit the files in the games directory directly. Your changes will be submitted as a pull request. All games are validated against the rules in the schema/games.yaml validation file.

Add a reference to the original game

Fill in the add original form. All the games listed need an original game they re-implement or clone. If there is no existing game entry in originals directory you can create a new entry for it by following the following format. All originals are validated against the rules in the schema/originals.yaml validation file.




Clone this repository and run inside the directory:

poetry install


Simply run the following to build the project into the _build directory.


Running the server with Docker

You must first build a Docker image

make docker-build

After building the docker image, run the server with Docker

make docker-run

The server will be available at http://localhost:80, you can choose the port with the PORT variable.

# The server will be available at http://localhost:3000
make docker-run PORT=3000



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