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Composable data framework for ambitious web applications.

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Orbit is a composable data framework for managing the complex needs of today's web applications.

Although Orbit is primarily used as a flexible client-side ORM, it can also be used server-side in Node.js.

Orbit is designed for applications that need to:

  • Interact with data from a variety of sources: a REST server, a WebSocket stream, an IndexedDB backup, an in-memory store, etc.

  • Work offline, work online, and seamlessly transition between both modes.

  • Create optimistic and pessimistic user experiences (and even both in the same app).

  • Use a common schema to model data, regardless of its source.

  • Query and update data with a common set of expressions, understood across sources.

  • Track changes deterministically.

  • Fork immutable stores and then merge changes back if and when ready.

  • Support undo / redo.

Orbit is written in Typescript and distributed on npm through the @orbit organization. Pre-built distributions are provided in several module formats and ES language levels.

Docs and Guides

Please visit orbitjs.com to learn how to make the most of Orbit.


Orbit's main packages are maintained in this monorepo and managed by lerna.


Install dependencies:

yarn install


Build distributions for all packages:

yarn build


Test all packages:

yarn test

Or cd into each package's dir and test it individually in the browser:

cd packages/@orbit/PACKAGE-NAME
yarn testem


Copyright 2014-2021 Cerebris Corporation. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).

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