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Opensea Launchpad bot

📚 Info

This bot will help you with mint NFT from Opensea Launchpad.

How it works ?

Easy setup which uses ChromeDriver to open up a new chrome instance and mint the nft you are looking for quicker than a human.

✨ Features


  • You can launch multiple instances of the bot to bypass minting limit / wallet
  • Support 2captcha
  • Support Windows & Mac
  • Launch & Go | Once launched you do not need to stay in front of your screen because everything is automated!
  • Easy Setup

📝 Tutorial

  1. Download zip file

  2. Be sure you have installed Python correctly, here is a link to download

  3. Open CMD and install modules pip install selenium requests webdriver-manager

  4. Setup config

    launchpadLink --> Link to Opensea launchpad

    seedPhrase --> Passphrase wallet

    2captchaKey --> 2captcha API key, there is an option to enter captcha manually, then leave this field blank

  5. Open CMD and go to directory cd directory/opensea-launchpad-bot

  6. Run python file

    windows : python

    mac : python3

    or just start in bot's directory : start.bat

☕️ Support

You can dm me in twitter or create issue here, also you can support me with SOL❤️


🚩 Troubleshooting

  • I tested the bot on google-chrome version is 103.0.5060 & python 3.10.2
  • If after import wallet, bot stopping, then change 20th line from driver.switch_to.window(driver.window_handles[1]) to driver.switch_to.window(driver.window_handles[0])
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