A third-part web application based on flask to play Clubhouse audio.


A third-party open web application based on flask to play Clubhouse audio for


This is a third-party Clubhouse audio player. I hope that everybody can hear the voice. So it is a open Clubhouse client for Android, for Desktop Computer, and for anyone without invite code.

All room accesses are acquired from my personal session, and all copyrights of the voice are belongs to and its users.

If you have any question or suggestion, issues are welcome.


Index Page:

index shortcut

Room Detail Page:

room shortcut


  1. This app requires a client OpenClubhouse-Worker to sync channel data.
  2. Install python packages by pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Modify configs in Especially the SECRET_KEY in production environment.
  4. Modify environment variables in
  5. Execute sh to run this code.

Third-party software Dependencies

  • Python
  • Flask
  • flask-mongoengine
  • mongoDB
  • jquery
  • bootstrap
  • agora

TODO list

⬜️ TODO Type Priority
⬜️ Add CDN Optimize Middle
Remove style file Optimize
⬜️ Auto deployment Optimize low
Prioritize cache update time Optimize High
⬜️ Make cache update action async Optimize Middle
User_id can't be customized Bug High
Too much speaker icons in room page Bug Middle
⬜️ Some channel can't be played Bug Low
⬜️ - Token timeout Bug Middle
⬜️ - Cache isn't updated Bug Low
⬜️ Add comment for each Room, Gitalk? Feature Low
⬜️ Add more descriptions in index page Feature Middle
⬜️ Add recorder Feature Very low


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