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A collaborative list of open source Xamarin & MAUI apps.

If you know something that is not here, it'll be great if you could make a Pull Request.

All applications are sorted in various categories.

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  • Safe Authenticator: Is a cross-platform mobile application that can be used to create an account and login into the SAFE Network. [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Authenticator Pro: Is a free open-source two factor authentication app with backup support. [Android]
  • DigiD: The easiest way to log in securely. [ Forms: iOS, Android]


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  • BikeSharing360: Is a fictitious example of a smart bike sharing system. [ Forms: UWP, Android, iOS, watchOS] + Backend
  • SmartHotel360: In this app guests and business travelers can book rooms and smart conference rooms as well as customize room temperature and lighting settings. [ Forms: UWP, iOS, Android] (Features: NFC, IoT, Maps etc.) + Backend
  • Tailwind Traders Mobile: Is a line-of-business application. [ Forms: iOS, Android] (Features: Azure, Camera, ML) + Backend
  • My Shoppe: Pre-built application & template enabling you to easily connect with your customers and manage your shops [ Forms: UWP, iOS, Android, Backend]
  • Restaurant App: Restaurant App ( Forms: iOS, Android, WPF)
  • Property Manager: Property management solution ( iOS, Android, UWP )

Computer Vision

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  • Conference Vision: Prototype reference app showcasing: Xamarin.Forms 3.0, Computer Vision [ Forms: UWP, iOS, Android]
  • AI Visual Provision: Application uses Cognitive Services to detect Azure services using the phone camera [ Forms: iOS, Android]


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  • EduCATS: Mobile client for the Leaning Management System EduCATS [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Hangul Counter: App for learning Korean numbers, counters, time, and ordinals. [ MAUI: iOS, Android, Windows, Tizen, macOS]


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  • Chameleon: Flexible media player [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Uno.Ch9: Simple app to playing video feed from Microsoft's Channel 9 [ Uno: iOS, Android, UWP]
  • gMusic: To provide the best Music Player for Google Play Music on iOS [iOS]
  • Kimono Designer: Editor SkiaSharp based graphic objects [ Forms: macOS, UWP, iOS, Android, tvOS, WPF]
  • DailyCat: High performance image gallery app [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Xamarin TV: Full-featured TV app demonstrating the dual-screen device capability for neo and duo devices. [ Forms: Android, UWP]
  • .NET Podcasts: A sample application showcasing .NET, ASP.NET Core, Blazor, .NET MAUI, Azure Container Apps, and more. [ MAUI: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web ]
  • BMM Mobile: App for iOS and Android to consume audio content from BCC. [ MAUI: iOS, Android ]


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  • CrossChat: Chat application [ Forms: iOS, Android, WP, Backend]
  • JKChat: Mobile application for chatting in and remote controlling "Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy" and "Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast" games [ iOS, Android ]
  • SignalR Chat: SignalR chat client [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • UnofficialGitterApp: Simple unofficial Android client for Gitter [ Forms: Android, WP8]
  • Xamarin Chat SignalR: Xamarin Forms Modern Chat Using SignalR ASP.NET [ Forms: Android, iOS, UWP] + Backend


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  • Covid Resistance: Digital health identity contact tracing mobile app that anonymously tracks risk exposure to COVID-19 [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • SocialQ: A social distancing queuing application [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • XFCovid19: Covid-19 Live [ Forms: iOS, Android]


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File Manager

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  • Camelotia: File manager for cloud storages [ Forms: Android | UWP | Avalonia: Windows, Linux, macOS ]


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  • Expense Analysis: App helps users track and analyze expenses [ Forms: iOS, Android, UWP, macOS]
  • EMI Calculator: Equated Monthly Instalment Calculator (Demo) [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Money Fox: A way to make budgeting easy [ Forms: UWP, Android]
  • Cryptallet: App to demonstrate how to work with Ethereum and Ethereum based token with Xamarin [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • LiLo.Lite: A light-weight cryptocurrency (crypto) tracking application [ Forms: iOS, Android]


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  • UADO: Universal Azure DevOps App is an app to help you organize Work Items in Microsoft Azure DevOps projects [ Uno: iOS, Android, UWP]


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  • Solitaire: Card game [ Avalonia: iOS, Android, Web, macOS, Windows]
  • TicTacToe: Simple Tic-tac-toe game [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Quarantine Bingo: Simple app that displays a bingo card. [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Wordle-onia: Port of Wordle app. [ Avalonia: iOS, Android, Web, macOS, Windows]


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  • Where's my Kombucha? App: Kombucha Tracker App uses Arduino style microcontroller called "Particle Photon" to connect mobile phones to the real world. ( Forms: iOS, Android)


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  • 2048Maui: Cloned version of classic 2048 game [ MAUI: iOS, Android, Windows]
  • Moments: Snapchat [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • KickassUI.Spotify: Spotify [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Instagram: Instagram [ Forms: UWP, iOS, Android]
  • FacebookForms: Facebook [ Forms: UWP, iOS, Android]
  • KickassUI.Runkeeper: Runkeeper [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • KickassUI.Twitter: Twitter [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Xamarin.Netflix: Netflix [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • YellowClone: Yellow App [ Froms: iOS, Android]
  • WhatsApp UI: WhatsApp [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • xUber: Uber [ Forms: iOS, Android] (Features: Maps, Location)
  • Xam Nubank: Nubank [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • PlayMusic: Google Play Music [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • SoundCloudClone: SoundCloud [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Tinder: Tinder clone and library [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Duolingo: Duolingo App [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Xamarin-CloudMusic: Netease Cloud Music App [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • TNT GO: A clone of the TNT GO app [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Xam-Twitch: Twitch app clone [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • App-Peloton: Peloton app clone [ Forms: iOS, Android ]
  • Outlook: Clone of the Microsoft Outlook mobile UI [ MAUI: iOS, Android, MacCatalyst, UWP]
  • Draw Something: Clone of the drawing game “Draw Something”. [ MAUI: iOS, Android, MacCatalyst, UWP, Tizen] (Features: Drawing)
  • Marvelous .NET MAUI: Clone of the Wonderous app - a visual showcase of eight wonders of the world. [ MAUI: iOS, Android ] (Features: Blazor WebView Gallery)


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  • MALClient: Client application for website [UWP, Android]
  • Dragon Front Companion: Client for the Dragon Front game. [ Forms: iOS, Android, UWP]
  • Island Tracker for Animal Crossing: Productivity tool for Animal Crossing. [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • SmartScreenShot: Makes screenshots sharing much easier. [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Acquaint: The app is a list of contacts with details and map [ Forms, Native: UWP, iOS, Android]
  • LiveDisplay: Application to control notifications and music directly on the lockscreen. [Android]
  • Workout Wotch: Exercise programs dictated to you. [iOS]
  • Coffee Cups: Azure Mobile Apps and Easy Tables [ Forms: UWP, iOS, Android]
  • Rachel's Recipes: Cooking application with recipes [ Forms: UWP, iOS, Android]
  • Geo Contacts: Azure demo contact list feature Azure AD B2C, Functions, & CosmosDB. [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Nethereum.UI.Wallet.Sample: Cross-platform wallet example using Nethereum, Xamarin.Forms and MvvmCross [ Forms: macOS, UWP, iOS, Android]
  • My Trip Countdown: Trip Countdown is a sample to show how to create goodlooking UI with SkiaSharp. [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Pulse Music: Pulse Music is a sample to show how to create goodlooking UI with SkiaSharp. [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Microsoft REEL: Cross-platform movie recommendation application. [ Forms: iOS, UWP]
  • HackerNews: Displays the top posts on Hacker News that demonstrates text sentiment analysis gathered using artificial intelligence [ MAUI/Forms: iOS, Android]
  • FashionApp: Design beautiful fashion app using Shell, BindableLayout, ControlTemplate and more [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • FlyMe: Sample app showcasing the use of Material Design and CollectionView within the new Shell container [ Forms: iOS, Android, UWP]
  • FocusOnXamarin: NET Conf: Focus on Xamarin samples [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Uno Playground: Uno Gallery of components and samples [ Uno: iOS, Android, UWP]
  • Mobile Application for Weekly Xamarin [ Forms: iOS, Android, UWP]
  • SpaceXGraphQL: A playground app to show off the SpaceX GrapQL API [ Forms: iOS, Android]
  • Bus Schedule: Bus timetable for local transport provider [ Forms: Android]
  • Patient Appointment Manager: Sample that demonstrates patient appointment application based on Syncfusion components [ MAUI: iOS, Android]
  • Xamarin.Forms Samples: Official sample apps built using the Xamarin.Forms framework.
  • more samples...


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