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A collection of packages that build a website using npm scripts.

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A collection of packages that build a website using npm scripts.

List of packages used

autoprefixer, browser-sync, eslint, imagemin-cli, node-sass, onchange, npm-run-all, postcss-cli, svgo, svg-sprite-generator, uglify-js.

Many, many thanks go out to Keith Cirkel for his post and his useful CLI tools!

Using in your project

  • First, ensure that node.js & npm are both installed. If not, choose your OS and installation method from this page and follow the instructions.
  • Next, use your command line to enter your project directory.
    • If this a new project (without a package.json file), start by running npm init. This will ask a few questions and use your responses to build a basic package.json file. Next, copy the "devDependencies" object into your package.json.
    • If this is an existing project, copy the contents of "devDependencies" into your package.json.
  • Now, copy any tasks you want from the "scripts" object into your package.json "scripts" object.
  • Finally, run npm install to install all of the dependencies into your project.

You're ready to go! Run any task by typing npm run task (where "task" is the name of the task in the "scripts" object). The most useful task for rapid development is watch. It will start a new server, open up a browser and watch for any SCSS or JS changes in the src directory; once it compiles those changes, the browser will automatically inject the changed file(s)!

List of available tasks


rm -f dist/{css/*,js/*,images/*}

Delete existing dist files


postcss -u autoprefixer -r dist/css/*

Add vendor prefixes to your CSS automatically


node-sass --output-style compressed -o dist/css src/scss

Compile Scss to CSS


eslint src/js

"Lint" your JavaScript to enforce a uniform style and find errors


mkdir -p dist/js && uglifyjs src/js/*.js -m -o dist/js/app.js && uglifyjs src/js/*.js -m -c -o dist/js/app.min.js

Uglify (minify) a production ready bundle of JavaScript


imagemin src/images/* -o dist/images

Compress all types of images


svgo -f src/images/icons && mkdir -p dist/images && svg-sprite-generate -d src/images/icons -o dist/images/icons.svg

Compress separate SVG files and combine them into one SVG "sprite"


browser-sync start --server --files 'dist/css/*.css, dist/js/*.js, **/*.html, !node_modules/**/*.html'

Start a new server and watch for CSS & JS file changes in the dist folder


run-s scss autoprefixer

Alias to run the scss and autoprefixer tasks. Compiles Scss to CSS & add vendor prefixes


run-s lint concat uglify

Alias to run the lint, concat and uglify tasks. Lints JS, combines src JS files & uglifies the output


run-s imagemin icons

Alias to run the imagemin and icons tasks. Compresses images, generates an SVG sprite from a folder of separate SVGs


run-s build:*

Alias to run all of the build commands


onchange 'src/**/*.scss' -- run-s build:css

Watches for any .scss file in src to change, then runs the build:css task


onchange 'src/**/*.js' -- run-s build:js

Watches for any .js file in src to change, then runs the build:js task


onchange 'src/images/**/*' -- run-s build:images

Watches for any images in src to change, then runs the build:images task


run-p serve watch:*

Run the following tasks simultaneously: serve, watch:css, watch:js & watch:images. When a .scss or .js file changes in src or an image changes in src/images, the task will compile the changes to dist, and the server will be notified of the change. Any browser connected to the server will then inject the new file from dist


run-s build watch

Runs watch after npm install is finished

Need help?

Feel free to create an issue, tweet me, or send me an email. I'd be glad to help where I can!

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