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Node Based Dialogue System for Unity

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Node Based Dialogue System for Unity

This is a node-based visual narrative flow creation tool that uses Unity's GraphView API.


  • Infinite Branching and Merging dialogue capability.
  • Dialogue&Graph save/load system.
  • Minimap for easy navigation.
  • Search window for node creation.
  • Blackboard and exposed property support.
  • Comment blocks for grouping nodes.
  • Backed by Unity's embedded GraphView api.
  • Sample provided in the package.


  • Graph generates dialogue saves into Resources folder as a scriptable objects.
  • Create a field as DialogueContainer
  • Use DialogueContainer to access DialogueNodeData and NodeLinks

Node Links is a serialized class that holds node connection and branching data.


Dialogue Node Data is holding Dialogue Node's Dialogue Text and node's position data for graph.

ExposedProperty data class

Exposed properties can hold unique property names and their non-unique values. You can set values via blackboard or set values at runtime with string.Replace(propertyName,runtimeValue);

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