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A multiplayer snake game built on NodeJs, Express, Minimal with no build process.

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A multiplayer snake game built on NodeJs, Express,, and JavaScript ES6. No unnecessary libraries.

Live demo Here

Getting Started

Install the latest Node.js 8 Stable

git clone

cd node-multiplayer-snake

npm install

npm start

Open your web browser to localhost:3000

Game Features

  • Quick join and play (no sign-ups)
  • Player settings
    • Change colors
    • Change names
  • Admin controls
    • Change game speed
    • Change amount of food
    • Change player starting length
    • Add or remove bots
  • Different food types
  • Upload your own snake image and background image
  • Player statistics including kills/deaths/score
  • Steal player scores and length by killing them
  • Game notifications
  • Kill announcements
  • Randomized spawns
  • Spectate
  • Local storage of name and image
  • Add and remove walls by clicking
  • Sound effects


  1. Fork the code base
  2. Create a new git branch
  3. Find or create an issue with a description of what you will be adding
  4. Start making changes
  5. Run tests npm test
  6. Pull and rebase changes
  7. Submit a pull request

Tech Debt

  • Additional Client-side validation to reduce unnecessary emits to server
  • Additional Server-side optimization to reduce unnecessary emits to client
  • Validate sizes of base64 Strings
  • Toggle view of admin options as a menu item
  • Remove relaxed eslint checks from .eslintrc.js
  • Refactor into more testable code
  • Higher test coverage
  • Create more convenient build steps (dev vs prod) that don't require unbundling on pull
    • Ignore bundle that gets placed into public/js/config.js
  • support spinners - input type=number to replace existing admin buttons
  • animate/smooth out the scrolling to top and bottom of page
  • sprite-maker (convert all images into one)
  • high level jsdoc
  • convert innerHtml to templates (handlebars or mustache)
  • e.keyCode and other more reused values should be cached (stored in a local variable) to increase performance
    • such as 'click'
  • DomHelper extract all strings into an Object
  • an easy way to create new banner gifs as the game adds features
  • optimize data sent to each client, to only what's necessary, and not the entire game state
    • don't clear the entire canvas after each turn (look into canvas alternatives/ WebGL such as PixiJS)
    • smarter client code that can render snakes moving in a single direction without needed server state
    • smarter server code to send change events
  • clean up class constructors that take a lot of params, and instead pass in a single object
  • add game instructions possibly to a dismissible dialog
  • add a legend for different power ups
  • Issues

Longer-term Tech Debt

  • Chai does not support --use_strict mode, yet. Replace chai or wait for support.
    • This means "use strict"; is needed in all node modules, even though it is redundant
  • Switch to SASS when Windows makes it easier to install node-gyp dependencies.

Technologies to look into

Potential Features To Implement

  • Spin buttons for admin controls
  • Multiple rooms
  • Incremental death (head no longer moves, but tail does)
  • Randomize board to contain walls
  • Allow players to skip across the screen if they visit an edge without a wall
  • Increase game speed based on different conditions (faster if 1v1) or random
  • Choose your own color
  • Show a glowing outline when player is growing
  • Text chat
  • Support resolutions lower than 1225x550
  • Support mobile
  • Smarter bots (prioritize food, don't trap themselves, have a sense for other player movements)
  • Leave a message for the killer
  • Audio
    • Background music
    • Volume control
    • Voice chat
    • DOTA/CS kill-streak sounds
  • Images
    • Food image
    • Support animated gifs (snake and food)
    • Upload head image vs body images (head, body, L-turn, tail)
    • Preset images for use
  • Stats
    • Global high score
    • Custom sort stat board
    • More stats (max length)
  • Power-ups or Perks
    • very long
    • individual speed (2 or more steps for a player)
      • variant: limited turbo (press key to activate)
    • invulnerable
    • width increase
    • reverse controls
    • be able to draw on canvas
    • choice of power-up to start with
    • random power up on kill
    • activatable skills such as swap
  • Game Modes
    • head to head with preselected spawn points
      • variant: four player start at middle facing away from each other
    • infinite length
    • fog of war
    • random walls
    • elimination
    • maze
    • diagonal movement
    • defined win conditions
    • pictionary
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