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Proxy to eliminate that scurvy dev fee!

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Intercepts those scurvy dev fee switching bandits and ensures that you get 100% the mining shares. How dare they extort a dev fee while using open source libraries!

Installation instructions

  1. Clone the repository to a VM or to your machine you want to run the proxy on.

  2. Install nodejs (8+) and npm.

  3. Run npm install in the folder you checked out.

  4. cp .env.example .env.

  5. Edit the .env file and change it to match your config.

  6. Run npm start or npm server.js

  7. In your miner config switch your remote host and port to point to your local host and port provided in your config. Make sure your local host is set to your public IP or your public host name.

You can run it in a screen instance, or you can install pm2 to run your instance as a daemon.


ENV variable Description Example Value
WALLET Your wallet address. Can include your worker name (depends on which pool you use). 0xE151c757784Ee1d9Ea4970BC51542384E5106395.DROID
REMOTE_HOST The remote hostname or IP address of the mining pool you wish to push your shares to.
REMOTE_PORT The remote port of the mining pool you wish to push your shares to. 4444
REMOTE_PASSWORD The password of the mining pool you wish to push your shares to. x
LOCAL_HOST The hostname/IP address of your machine hosting this proxy. Do not use localhost or
LOCAL_PORT The port to bind to on your machine hosting this proxy. 4444

Windows Users

How to create a fake WAN Network for Windows

  • Run ncpa.cpl
  • Right-Click on your network adapter -> Properties
  • Select IPv4 (TCP/IPV4) -> Properties
  • Set your LAN address in static mode (with mask, gateway and DNS)
  • Click on Advanced button
  • Click on the add button bellow ip address
  • Type some public ip address (like - That real address will be no longer reachable.
  • Mask:
  • You must have ONE gateway (LAN)
  • If set some localhost entry in the past, please change it for your new fake WAN ip address
  • In our case becomes
  • You have to change it in the .env file and eventually in your host file.

Linux, Mac OSX

  • Use dynamic dns provider and setup routing on your firewall. Or you can set up this proxy on a VPS that is off of your network.

Docker container

To build the docker image: docker build -t no-dev-fee-stratum-proxy .

To run the docker image: docker run -d --name my-stratum-proxy -e "WALLET=0xE151c757784Ee1d9Ea4970BC51542384E5106395.DROID" -e "" -e "REMOTE_PORT=4444" -e "REMOTE_PASSWORD=x" -p 4444:4444 no-dev-fee-stratum-proxy

In the example above you can point your miner to the IP address running the proxy on port 4444.

Please remember to change to your wallet address and not mine to my wallet, thanks!

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