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Super Nim Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3

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Nim Programming Language plugin for Sublime Text 2/3


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Jump to definition
  • Auto-Completion
  • Error checking and highlighting
  • Nimble package manager integration



Note that the latest version comes directly from the repository, and thus may be broken at any time! Thus, it is only recommended for those who wish to either help develop NimLime, or can work around bugs.


  • Install NimLime through Package Control (this version is usually older than the one here)


See Preferences -> PackageSettings -> NimLime

Autocompletion works per default in an on-demand mode. This means Ctrl+Space has to be pressed again to fetch Nim compiler completions. It can also be set into an immediate mode.

If auto-completions don't work copy the nim_update_completions block from the NimLime default key bindings file to the user key bindings file.

Checking the current file automatically on-save can be enabled through the setting check.on_save.enabled.

The path to the compiler can be configured through the setting nim.executable. Per default it is set to nim, which means that the compiler must be in your PATH for the plugin to work.


Pull requests are welcome! See for an overview of NimLime's design.

Clone the repository in your Sublime package directory.

Install the AAAPackageDev.

Modify the .YAML-tmLanguage files and regenerate the .tmLanguage files by summoning the command palette and selecting the Convert (YAML, JSON, PLIST) to... command. Don't modify the .tmLanguage files, they will be overwritten!

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