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The NetLogo Models Library is bundled with NetLogo. You can download NetLogo and the Models Library from

NetLogo Version Changes

When the NetLogo version is bumped, a few changes are required:

  • Update the version in build.sbt
  • Update the expected version in VersionTests.scala
  • Resave the models using the runMain org.nlogo.models.ModelsResaver sbt command and then the runMain org.nlogo.models.ModelsResaver3d sbt command. These commands must be run separately as the switch for 3D mode is only read once globally.


The models in this repository are provided under a variety of licenses.

Some models are public domain, some models are open source, some models are CC BY-NC-SA (free for noncommercial distribution and use).

See each model's Info tab for details.

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