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:gem: Lora free Jekyll theme

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Lora - free Jekyll theme

:warning: This theme requires ruby and rubygems installed

Start in 4 steps

  1. Download or clone repo git clone [email protected]:nandomoreirame/lora.git
  2. Enter the folder: cd lora/
  3. Install Ruby gems: bundle install
  4. Start Jekyll server: jekyll serve

Access, localhost:4000

Deploy in Github pages in 2 steps

  1. Change the variables GITHUB_REPONAME and GITHUB_REPO_BRANCH in Rakefile
  2. Run rake or rake publish for build and publish on Github

Using Rake tasks

  • Create a new page: rake page name=""
  • Create a new post: rake post title="TITLE OF THE POST"

Demo and Download

Demo Download

Lora - free Jekyll theme

Lora is under the MIT license.

:warning: Please remove metas <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> and <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex"> in _layouts/default.html

Enjoy :yum:

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