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MonetDB reconfigured as an R package - See below for an introduction. Edit


4 years ago

This has never been released to CRAN but is the last hurrah of the 0.5.x line with some bugs fixed. Kept here for future reference.


4 years ago

Pre-release of 0.6.0, based on MonetDB Mar2018

See for their changelog Main changes from there:

  • A column default value can be used in a UPDATE statement: UPDATE tname SET cname = DEFAULT, and INSERT statements: INSERT INTO tname VALUES (..., DEFAULT, ...)
  • Support for the creation of ordered indices, e.g. CREATE ORDERED INDEX idxname ON mtcars (mpg, cyl);
  • Support for non-cascading deletions, e.g. DROP SCHEMA my_schema RESTRICT
  • Support for schema comments
  • Support for TRUNCATE statements conforming to the SQL:2008 standard: TRUNCATE [ TABLE ] qname [ CONTINUE IDENTITY | RESTART IDENTITY ] [ RESTRICT | CASCADE ]


5 years ago


5 years ago


  • Prepared statements dbFetch(dbBind(dbSendQuery(con, "PREPARE select model from mtcars where cyl = ?"), list(4)), -1)
  • Experimental in-memory mode dbConnect(MonetDBLite::MonetDBLite(), ":memory:")
  • Faster builds


  • Fix protection issue with query results
  • Fix memory leaks & segfaults in shutdown
  • Stripped more unused code
  • Various dplyr fixes


  • Separated C library and R/Python/... frontends