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A command line based editor inspired by Vim. Written in Nim.

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A command line based editor inspired by Vim written in Nim.

This project's goals are easily customizable, high productivity, user friendly, and high performance editor.



  • Written in Nim

  • Adopt GapBuffer

  • UTF-8 and other encodings support (Incomplete)

  • Vim like mode (Normal, Insert, Visual, Replace, Ex, Filer)

  • Vim like keybinds

  • Infinite undo/redo

  • Syntax highlighting:

    • C
    • C++
    • C#
    • Haskell
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Markdown
    • Nim
    • Python
    • Rust
    • YAML
  • Auto-complete

  • Configuration file (TOML)

  • Configuration mode

  • Live reload of the configuration file

  • Vertical/Horizontal split window

  • Tab line

  • Simple file manager

  • Indentation lines

  • Auto close/delete paren

  • Simple auto indent

  • Incremental search

  • Auto save

  • Suggestions in ex mode

  • VSCode themes

  • Build on save

  • Multiple status line

  • QuickRun

  • Automatic backups

  • Highlight current words

  • Highlight/Delete trailing spaces

  • Vim like register

Planned features

  • Supports regular expression and PEG

  • Supports EditorConfig

  • Window management

  • Syntax checker

  • Snippets

  • Spell checker

  • Macros

  • Terminal

  • Git support

  • Select data structures

  • Edit files over ssh

  • Language Server Protocol

  • Fuzzy search

  • Plugins

  • Supports huge file

  • Funny animation...


We recommend Linux environments.


  • Nim 1.6.2 or higher

  • ncurses

  • xclip v0.13 or higher (Option on GNU/Linux)

  • xsel (Option on GNU/Linux)

# Latest released version
nimble install moe
# Latest developmental state inside Github repository
nimble install [email protected]#head

Check detail


Documents (Release)

Documents (Latest)

The origin of the name

moe is a recursive acronym for "moe is an optimal editor". And one more, it comes from the Japanese slang 萌え(moe).

Contributing, bug reports, feature request



Ask me anything!


GNU General Public License version 3

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