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What is MissingH?

It's a collection of Haskell-related utilities. It is an extension of my earlier work developing MissingLib for OCaml.

Major Features

  • Powerful Logging Framework for Haskell This framework provides a system of hierarchical loggers and modular handlers permitting fine-grained logging with a great deal of control and yet a simple and fast interface. It's based on log4j for Java and logging for Python.

    Also included is a native-Haskell Syslog client.

  • Versatile modules to simplify everyday tasks:

    • FTP client library
    • E-mail client library
    • MIME types library to determine MIME types from files or URLs
    • Configuration file parser/generator
  • IO utilities make it easier to work with line-based text files and binary files

  • IO object virtualization so you can use one set of code to work on files of many different types

  • Filesystem virtualization so you can access various items with the same ease as your system's filesystem

  • Network utilities to streamline connections

  • List utilities including association list tools, list splitting, truncation, and delimiter joining

  • String utilities including removal of leading or trailing whitespace, joining, splitting, and truncation

  • Other utilities for threads, parsers, filenames, etc.

  • Printf utilities for formatting strings

  • GZip decompression

  • Hundreds of unit tests to verify proper functionality

  • DBM module abstraction

The following modules are are provided at this time, and more are likely to follow:

MissingH.AnyDBM * Generic DBM-like database infrastructure

MissingH.AnyDBM. * Use a Map in the AnyDBM interface MapDBM

MissingH.AnyDBM. * Simple persistent mapping storage StringDBM

MissingH.Bits * Obtain individual bytes from a bitfield

MissingH.Cmd * Trap errors during calls to external programs

MissingH.Checksum.* * Utilities for calculating checksums over strings

MissingH.Compression.* * Compression/decompression algorithms

MissingH.Compression. * The Inflate algorithm from unzip and Inflate gunzip

MissingH.ConfigParser * Configuration file parser * Interpolation supported * Compatible with Python and OCaml ConfigParsers

MissingH.Daemon * Support for detaching from a terminal

MissingH.Debian * Compare two Debian version numbers [ does not require Debian to compile ]

MissingH.Debian. * Parse debian/control files or output from ControlParser various Debian commands that use the same format [ does not require Debian to compile run ]

MissingH.Either * Utilities for the Either type/Error monad

MissingH.Email.Parser * Parse a flat string into component parts * Walk through the components of a message

MissingH.Email.Sendmail * Send a message via a locally-installed Sendmail program

MisssingH.FileArchive. * Support for analyzing and extracting GZip GZip archives

MissingH.Hsemail * E-mail parsers

MissingH.HUnit * Utilities for writing HUnit unit tests

MissingH.IO * Copying data between files or handles * Lazy operations on line input

MissingH.IO.Binary * Binary I/O with Haskell Strings or [Word8] * Lazy operations on binary blocks * Binary file copy

MissingH.IO.HVFS * Haskell Virtual File System * Lets you emulate real filesystems and work with multiple filesystems

MissingH.IO.StatCompat * Utilities for simulating stat(2) structures on home-grown filesystems or Windows

MissingH.IO.WindowsCompat * Provides POSIX-like functions on Windows

MissingH.List * Association list manipulation * List splitting and delimiter joining * Truncation

MissingH.Logging * Base logging types

MissingH.Logging.Handler * Base handler types

MissingH.Logging. * Logging to a stream Handler.Simple * Logging to a file

MissingH.Logging. * Logging to local or remote syslog Handler.Syslog * No C library implementation required

MissingH.Logging.Logger * Primary user interface to logging * Documentation for the logging system

MissingH.Map * Flip a Map and other utilities

MissingH.Maybe * forceMaybe utility function

MissingH.MIMETypes * Determine the MIME type of a file * Guess an extension based on MIME type

MissingH.Network * Establish TCP connections easily * Trap SIGPIPE to prevent odd crashes

MissingH.Network. * Versatile FTP client module FTP.Client * Full support for uploads and downloads * Passive or standard mode * Lazy uploads and downloads * Also provides low-level interface to issue advanced server commands

MissingH.Network. * Parse FTP protocol replies FTP.Parser

MissingH.Parsec * Invert the sense of a parser

MissingH.Path * Split apart filename components * Recursive directory scanning * Recursive file/directory removal (rm -r)

MissingH.Path.Glob * Expand wildcards to obtain a list of files

MissingH.Path.WildPath * Evaluate filenames or strings against wildcards * Convert wildcards to regular expressions

MissingH.Regex.Pesco * Perl-like regular expression operations and operators

MissingH.Str * Leading/trailing whitespace removal * Beginning/ending tests * Joining, splitting, and truncation

MissingH.Str.CSV * Parsing of comma-separated value (CSV) files

MissingH.Threads * Threaded callbacks

MissingH.Time * Utilities for working with times and dates

MissingH.Time. * Parsing of dates, similar to strptime() in C ParseDate

Wash.Mail.* * Generate or parse e-mail messages * Full support for headers and MIME

Wash.Utility.* * Base64 codec * Various Internet-related parsers

The entire library has no prerequisites save the Haskell standard library and is designed to install without complexity on a variety of systems. It could also easily be embedded within your own source trees so that users need not have it installed beforehand.


MissingH was written by John Goerzen [email protected].

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