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A git visualization tool that's more than just git

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Metro themed Git UI

MetroGit is a native desktop git app with JIRA, AppVeyor and other tools integrated into one consistent UI. So no more switching windows and jumping between browser tabs 🤓. More integration and feature still yet to come...

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Feature Highlight

  • Subway map style git visualization with commit details
  • Basic repo operations (pull, push, commit, stash, pop, create branch)
  • JIRA integration with native UI
  • Map integrated AppVeyor build status with periodic update and on-demand log download
  • Credential caching with Windows Credential Manager (through keytar)
  • Repository specific settings

Built On

This app is built with some really awsome frameworks, including:


Getting Started

Downlading and Installation

Github Releases

To start using this app, go to Releases, download and run the latest setup.exe or dmg and off you go.


This app is built on: NodeJS 8.10

To build this from the scratch, global dependencies electron-builder and @angular/cli is needed.

  • You can install global dependencies via npm install -g electron-builder @angular/cli

After installing correct dependencies, do the following.

  1. Clone this repo
  2. cd into this repo, yarn install
  3. cd app/frontend
  4. yarn install
  5. cd ../.. back to project root directory
  6. .\build.ps1 (for windows) or .\ (for Mac)
  7. The output is in dist folder

Support this app

Hi there, if you like this app, find it useful or just like this subway map, I'd loved to hear your feedback and experiences, you can share them with [email protected]

Also, please consider Buy me a teaBuy me a tea, I live on black tea basically 😉

Or, alternatively

BTC: 3CAgw9vNPNXHR1YaWmJe98DDiTqdgKkv8Y

ETH: 0xea96AA397a799E77f5991A2568099698329C3D39

FAQ and Issues

Checkout the Wiki FAQ Page for frequently asked questions. If you've found a bug, security issue or want to suggest a feature, feel free to post them to the Issues section (please search for existing issues and FAQ before posting new ones 🙂)


Interested in contributing? Please read our Contributing Guide and Code of Conduct


MIT © Ming-Hung (Michael) Lu

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