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An Intellij IDE plugin which helps you manage Merge Request and do Code Review right in your IDE.

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Merge Request Integration

Merge Request Integration is a plugin which helps you to do Code Review right in your IDE.

Merge Request Integration CE

What you can do:

  • Filter Merge Requests which are assigned to you, waiting for your approval, etc
  • Check pipeline status and approval status.
  • Select and review 1 or all commits
  • Do code review, navigate code with Diff View right in your IDE.
  • Add, reply, resolve or delete comments
  • Approve/revoke your approval
  • More and more features will be coming soon :)

Currently the plugin supports GitLab only (gitlab cloud and self-hosted).

You can download the plugin on intellij plugins repository: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition

How to set up Gitlab connection

Create Gitlab Personal Access Tokens

To get the your Personal Access Token please follow these steps:

Step 1: On top right corner > Settings

Step 2: Click to Access Tokens menu

Step 3: Create a Personal Access Tokens with api scope

Config connection in your IDE Settings

After creating the Personal Access Tokens:

  • Go to your IDE preferences (macOS: ⌘, Windows: Ctrl+Alt+S)
  • Merge Request Integration > Gitlab
  • Fill data, then save. Tip: you can use Starred/Membership/Own option to search your project quicker.
  • Click refresh button of Merge Request Integration CE window if you don't see the connection.

If your project has more than 1 repository, just setup multiple connections.


The plugin is an open source released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license.

It's totally free if you are using it for public repositories.

For private repositories, this plugin is a trial. How long is the trial period? Equal to WINRAR's trial period 🙈

Community Edition (CE) is exactly the same as Enterprise Edition (EE). You don't need to hack or find a cracked version. Cracking software invites virus to your computer.

About me

My name is Nhat, I'm a software developer at Personio (yes, we are hiring all around the world, relocation to Munich is of course possible).

If you love this plugin, please support me by:

Thanks in advance!


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