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================= Kuma (deprecated)

Note: In July 2022, Kuma was superseded by Rumba_.

.. _Rumba:

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.. image:: :target: :alt: Python Lints

.. image:: :target: :alt: JavaScript Lints

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Kuma is the platform that powers MDN ( <>_


:Code: :Issues: P1 Bugs_ (to be fixed ASAP)

            `P2 Bugs`_ (to be fixed in 180 days)

:Dev Docs: :Forum: :Matrix: #mdn room_ :Servers: What's Deployed on MDN?_



.. _P1 Bugs: .. _P2 Bugs: .. _What's Deployed on MDN?: .. _#mdn room:

Getting started

Want to help make MDN great? Our contribution guide <>_ lists some good first projects and offers direction on submitting code.

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