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Matrix and Tensor Completion for Background Model Initialization

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Matrix and Tensor Completion for Background Model Initialization

Usage example

Please refer to main.m and demo.m files.


If you use this code for your publications, please cite it as:

	title   = {Matrix and Tensor Completion Algorithms for Background Model Initialization: A Comparative Evaluation},
	author  = {Sobral, A. and Zahzah, E.},
	journal = {Pattern Recognition Letters},
	doi     = {10.1016/j.patrec.2016.12.019},
	issn    = {01678655},
	year    = {2016}


List of the algorithms:

Type Algorithm name
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Matrix Completion
GROUSE Balzano and Wright (2013)
IALM Lin et al.(2010)
LMaFit Wen et al.(2012)
LRGeomCG Vandereycken (2013)
MC-NMF Xu et al.(2012)
OptSpace Keshavan et al.(2010)
OR1MP Wang et al.(2015)
RMAMR Ye et al.(2015)
ScGrassMC Ngo and Saad (2012)
SVP Jain et al.(2010)
Tensor Completion
BCPF Zhao et al. (2015)
geomCG Kressner et al. (2013)
LRTC Liu et al. (2013)
NCPC Xu et al. (2013)
HoRPCA-IALM Goldfarb and Qin (2013)
SPC Yokota et al. (2016)
TenALS Jain and Oh (2014)
TMac Xu et al. (2015)
tSVD Zhang et al. (2014)
t-TNN Hu et al. (2015)
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