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Material Design styled components for Vue.js

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Material Components Vue

Material Design styled components for Vue.js

Material-components-vue integrates the mdc-web (by google) vanilla components following the simple approach.


This project is under active developement but I need any help you can provide. Due to a huge workload in my daily job I'am struggling with upgrading to the newest versions of the upstream project: mdc-web.


If you want to help feel free to submit issues or pull requests. Every information that help to stabilize and improve the library is welcome!

When you want to support me you can buy me a :coffee: here :+1:

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  • decoupled components
  • implementing just the specs not more or less
  • keep the components as simple as possible
  • keep in sync with changes in the mdc-web repository
  • user friendly component api
  • SSR (Server Side Rendering) support


You will find a API documentation for each component in their corresponding component directory:



Name ECMA Minimized
dist/[component]/index.js 5 no
dist/[component]/[component].min.js 5 yes

All versions are provided as UMD modules.

Name Description
dist/[component]/[component].min.css Minified component CSS
dist/[component]/styles.scss Raw SASS styles of mdc-web
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