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Power management tool for the MATE desktop

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		      MATE Power Manager
		   A Power Manager for MATE

MATE Power Manager is a MATE session daemon that acts as a policy agent on top of UPower. It listens to system events and responds with user-configurable actions.

MATE Power Manager comes in three main parts:

- mate-power-manager:	   the manager daemon itself
- mate-power-preferences:  the control panel program, for configuration
- mate-power-statistics:   the statistics graphing program

To build, MATE Power Manager requires

- Glib (2.36.0 or later)
- GTK+3 (3.14.0 or later)
- libsecret (0.11 or later)
- GNOME Keyring (3.0.0 or later)
- DBus (0.70 or later)
- libnotify (0.7.0 or later)
- Cairo (1.0.0 or later)
- libmate-panel-applet (1.17.0 or later)
- xrandr (1.3.0 or later)
- Canberra (0.10 or later)
- UPower (0.9.5 or later)

To work properly, mate-power-manager requires udevd and upowerd to be running.

MATE Power Manager is a fork of GNOME Power Manager.

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