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Master Password •••|

Master Password is a completely new way of thinking about passwords.

It consists of an algorithm that implements the core idea and applications for various platforms making the alogirthm available to users on a variety of devices and platforms.


Master Password is announcing a massive rewrite, modernizing the solution and clearing the way for exciting new capabilities.

The project is re-launching as Spectre, still fully open-source Free Software here on GitLab.

Any interested parties are invited to participate in the alpha or beta programs, to participate in the new Spectre identity platform.

The Beta program is now open for users with iOS devices. The Spectre Beta introduces a new app, rewritten under Swift, and new capabilities such as AutoFill.

All development effort has moved to the Spectre project. Master Password is no longer actively maintained.


  1. Has there been a change in ownership?

No. This project is still owned and maintained exclusively by Maarten Billemont.

  1. How can I trust Spectre?

Spectre's code-base is based on the Master Password code-base. The algorithm is exactly the same. The license is the same. The author is the same.

The applications are being rewritten for modern platforms. Spectre has the exact same trust parameters as Master Password.

  1. Why is the project changing?

Several reasons, in fact. Master Password as a name is too ubiquitous in popular culture, which is a cause for confusion. We are also looking to evolve the capabilities of the platform beyond simply passwords, into a fully decentralized identity platform. We're also looking to be socially inclusive and conscious of the implicit biases present in terminology we've inherited from past societies.

All that said - Spectre is the mark of a complete refresh of the Master Password solution. Hope you'll love it!

  1. How do I migrate?

Master Password export files are fully supported by Spectre. Migration mechanism exist in Master Password which will trigger as soon as you install Spectre; for instance, as soon as you install Spectre on your iOS device, Master Password will show a pop-up which will copy your user over at a tap.

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