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Wysiwyg markdown whiteboard for note-taking and building team knowledge base.

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Wysiwyg markdown whiteboard for note-taking and building team knowledge base.

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Markboard brings together Markdown and Whiteboard for all your writing, diagramming, sketching, and drawing needs in one place, making your creative process more efficient and effective.

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different tools and hello to a more streamlined and collaborative workflow. Try now to revolutionize your creative process!

Core Features

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  • Collaborative whiteboard
  • Wysiwyg markdown
  • Cocreate with AI
  • Easy to share and publish

Installation Guide

markboard is an open-source software, you can deploy markboard on your own server without any concern, or you can use our SaaS version by visiting

We officially provide 3 ways of deployment: Digital Ocean, Docker Images and Manual Installation.

Deploy via DigitalOcean

Deploying markboard with DigitalOcean is the recommended way to have your own instance running, especially if you are not an expert in linux server or tired of typing a set of commands manually.

Click the folloying button to get your first markboard instance running in minutes:

Deploy to DO

The cost of DigitalOcean's deployment is super low, starting from $5 per instance per month. Our official server is deployed on DigitalOcean too.

Deploy via docker


Deploy via manual installation


Local Development

meteor npm install # install dependencies
npm start # local dev
npm start -- --port=1234 # run local dev on port 1234
npm run lint # lint
npm t # test
meteor shell # debugging

Notable Used Tools

  • meteor Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform.
  • excalidraw Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams.
  • lexical Lexical is an extensible text editor framework that provides excellent reliability, accessibility and performance.
  • yjs A CRDT framework with a powerful abstraction of shared data



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