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The open-source fork of Mapbox GL JS: Interactive maps in the browser, powered by vector tiles and WebGL.

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MapLibre GL JS

MapLibre GL JS is an open-source library for publishing maps on your websites. Fast displaying of maps is possible thanks to GPU-accelerated vector tile rendering.

It originated as an open-source fork of mapbox-gl-js, before their switch to a non-OSS license in December 2020. The library is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the Mapbox’s version with additional functionality.


Getting Started

Include the JavaScript and CSS files in the <head> of your HTML file.

<script src='[email protected]/dist/maplibre-gl.js'></script>
<link href='[email protected]/dist/maplibre-gl.css' rel='stylesheet' />

Include the following code in the <body> of your HTML file.

<div id='map' style='width: 400px; height: 300px;'></div>
var map = new maplibregl.Map({
  container: 'map',
  style: '', // stylesheet location
  center: [-74.5, 40], // starting position [lng, lat]
  zoom: 9 // starting zoom

Enjoy the map!


Full documentation for this library is available here.

Check out the features through examples.

Display a map Third party vector tile source
Animate a series of images Create a heatmap layer
3D buildings Visualize population density

Migrating from mapbox-gl to maplibre

The libraries are very similar but diverge with newer features happening from v2 in both libraries where Mapbox turned proprietary.

The overall migration happens by uninstalling mapbox-gl and installing maplibre-gl in your node packages (or see below for CDN links), and replacing mapboxgl with maplibregl throughout your TypeScript, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

-    var map = new mapboxgl.Map({
+    var map = new maplibregl.Map({

-    <button class="mapboxgl-ctrl">
+    <button class="maplibregl-ctrl">

Compatibility branch

Maplibre v1 is completely backward compatible with Mapbox v1. This compatibility branch (named 1.x) is tagged v1 on npm, and its current verison is 1.15.3.

MapLibre GL JS is distributed via For more informations please see MapLibre GL is on

-    <script src=""></script>
-    <link
-      href=""
-      rel="stylesheet"
-    />

+    <script src="[email protected]#.#.#/dist/maplibre-gl.js"></script>
+    <link
+      href="[email protected]#.#.#/dist/maplibre-gl.css"
+      rel="stylesheet"
+    />

Want an example? Have a look at the official MapLibre GL JS Documentation.

Use MapLibre GL JS bindings for React ( and Angular ( Find more at awesome-maplibre.


Getting Involved

Join the #maplibre slack channel at OSMUS: get an invite at

Community Leadership

You can find the official status of the backing community and steering committee in the document.

Avoid Fragmentation

If you depend on a free software alternative to mapbox-gl-js, please consider joining our effort! Anyone with a stake in a healthy community-led fork is welcome to help us figure out our next steps. We welcome contributors and leaders! MapLibre GL already represents the combined efforts of a few early fork efforts, and we all benefit from "one project" rather than "our way". If you know of other forks, please reach out to them and direct them here.

MapLibre GL is developed following Semantic Versioning (2.0.0).


We thank everyone who supported us financially in the past and special thanks to the people and organizations who support us with recurring donations:

MIERUNE Inc. @MIERUNE, @jawg, @nekoyasan, @atierian, @photoprism, @kaplanlior, @francois2metz, @Schneider-Geo, @serghov, @ambientlight, @joschi77, @geoffhill, @jasongode

Thank you Mapbox ??

We'd like to acknowledge the amazing work Mapbox has contributed to open source. The open source community is sad to part ways with them, but we simultaneously feel grateful for everything they already contributed. mapbox-gl-js 1.x is an open source achievement that now lives on as maplibre-gl. We're proud to develop on the shoulders of giants, thank you Mapbox ??‍♀️.

Please keep in mind: Unauthorized backports are the biggest threat to the MapLibre project. It is unacceptable to backport code from mapbox-gl-js, which is not covered by the former BSD-3 license. If you are unsure about this issue, please ask!


MapLibre GL is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD license.

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