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Script for GIMP that adds a sprite sheet generation feature to Filter/Animations/tilemancer. If you use layer groups to organize different animations of the same sprite, you can generate one row per layer group. Alternatively, use a square shape to optimize file size.

Tilemancer sets the grid size for you when generating, just make sure that the grid is enabled if you want to use that.


  • Put tilemancer.scm in your script folder. you can find the script folder by going to Edit/Preferences/Folders/Scripts in GIMP.
  • Click on Filters/Script-Fu/'Refresh Scrips'


With the animation frames as layers, its easy to edit and preview using GIMPs Filter/Animation/Playback

Animated gif

When the animation looks good, use tilemancer to convert it to a sprite sheet finished sprite sheet


Well, I found some free python scripts floating around the internet for this purpose, but python seems to work poorly/not at all with the newest versions of GIMP. So I took this as an opportunity to learn more about GIMP scripting, and Scheme.

If you used this tool on a project that is making you money, consider a small PayPal donation.

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