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No Name Source
1 loklak logo PNG SVG TIF
2 loklak yellow logo PNG
3 loklak green logo PNG SVG
4 green logo background SVG
5 yellow logo background SVG
6 cow SVG
7 loop SVG
8 sticker PNG SVG
9 loklak anonymous PNG
10 loklak collect PNG
11 loklak.org light PNG
12 loklak.org dark PNG
13 loklak share PNG


The colors of loklak_logo_yellow.png:

  • #fb9b0d Orange
  • #fbf523 Yellow
  • #181513 Black
  • #f5aec9 Violet
  • #a3541c Saddle Brown
  • #ffffff White

The colors of loklak_logo_green.png:

  • #09fbfa Cyan
  • #f9d94a Sandy Brown
  • #141413 Black
  • #6bf974 Pale Green
  • #ffffff White


The font of loklak is:

  • DroidSansMono

Original Sources

The sources of the original artwork was taken from openclipart.org and wikipedia.org. They had been modified. The files in this directory are not the original one, but the modified.

The source of the modified files are given here:

cow.svg: https://openclipart.org/detail/17676/Cartoon%20cow license: public domain

efeu.svg: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Anonymous_emblem.svg license: public domain

loop.svg: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Hello_Kitty_logo.svg license: unknown (domain of wikipedia.org)

message.svg: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Messages_Yosemite.svg license: CC BY-SA 4.0, artwork uploaded to wikipedia by Chabe01, Source: own work

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