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:robot: The free, Open Source OpenAI alternative. Self-hosted, community-driven and local-first. Drop-in replacement for OpenAI running on consumer-grade hardware. No GPU required. Runs gguf, transformers, diffusers and many more models architectures. It allows to generate Text, Audio, Video, Images. Also with voice cloning capabilities.

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LocalAI is the free, Open Source OpenAI alternative. LocalAI act as a drop-in replacement REST API that’s compatible with OpenAI (Elevenlabs, Anthropic... ) API specifications for local AI inferencing. It allows you to run LLMs, generate images, audio (and not only) locally or on-prem with consumer grade hardware, supporting multiple model families. Does not require GPU. It is created and maintained by Ettore Di Giacinto.


Run the installer script:

curl https://localai.io/install.sh | sh

Or run with docker:

docker run -ti --name local-ai -p 8080:8080 localai/localai:latest-aio-cpu
# Alternative images:
# - if you have an Nvidia GPU:
# docker run -ti --name local-ai -p 8080:8080 --gpus all localai/localai:latest-aio-gpu-nvidia-cuda-12
# - without preconfigured models
# docker run -ti --name local-ai -p 8080:8080 localai/localai:latest
# - without preconfigured models for Nvidia GPUs
# docker run -ti --name local-ai -p 8080:8080 --gpus all localai/localai:latest-gpu-nvidia-cuda-12 

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Hot topics (looking for contributors):

If you want to help and contribute, issues up for grabs: https://github.com/mudler/LocalAI/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22up+for+grabs%22

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Check out the Getting started section in our documentation.

πŸ”— Community and integrations

Build and deploy custom containers:


Model galleries


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:book: πŸŽ₯ Media, Blogs, Social


If you utilize this repository, data in a downstream project, please consider citing it with:

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πŸ“– License

LocalAI is a community-driven project created by Ettore Di Giacinto.

MIT - Author Ettore Di Giacinto [email protected]

πŸ™‡ Acknowledgements

LocalAI couldn't have been built without the help of great software already available from the community. Thank you!

πŸ€— Contributors

This is a community project, a special thanks to our contributors! πŸ€—

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