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gestalt : portable and solid macros for Scala

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An experiment and tutorial on how to create a solid and portable macros system based on solid methodology and principles.

Design Goals:

  • Portable -- better IDE experience, works both in Scala and Dotty
  • Solid -- friendly typing error instead of compiler crashes or hacks
  • Friendly -- no knowledge about compiler internals, no dependent universes


import scala.gestalt._

object Test {
  def plus(a: Int, b: Int): Int = meta {
    q"$a + $b"


  • Only blackbox macros
  • Separation of typed and untyped trees
  • Only inspection of typed trees
  • Only semantic information for typed trees


The design space of a macro system is large. Gestalt aims to be simple, solid and portable for the 80% common use cases.

a ) Assumptions on compiler implementation

  • more assumptions
  • fewer assumptions (✓) : portability & easy implementation

b ) Assumptions on macro usage

  • more assumptions (✓) : focus on 80% common cases, make them easy
  • fewer assumptions

c) Features

  • more features
  • fewer features (✓) : metaprogramming is hard, restrict power, implementation solid


  • sbt macros/test:run


Gestalt : The Road for Lightweight Portable Macros

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