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librespot-java is a port of librespot, originally written in Rust, which has evolved into the most up-to-date open-source Spotify client. Additionally, this implementation provides a useful API to request metadata or control the player, more here.


We (the librespot-org organization and me) DO NOT encourage piracy and DO NOT support any form of downloader/recorder designed with the help of this repository and in general anything that goes against the Spotify ToS. If you're brave enough to put at risk this entire project, just don't publish it. This is meant to provide support for all those devices that are not officially supported by Spotify.

librespot-java is no longer being actively developed. Development efforts have been moved to go-librespot to provide a better experience for embedded devices. No features or fixes requiring a lot of effort will be done here. If you are not using a feature specific to this project, you are encouraged to move to go-librespot.


This client is pretty much capable of playing anything that's available on Spotify. Its main features are:

  • Tracks and podcasts/episodes playback
  • Stations and dailymixes support
  • Local content caching
  • Zeroconf (Spotify Connect)
  • Gapless playback
  • Mixed playlists (cuepoints and transitions)
  • DACP metadata pipe
  • Execute commands for various events
  • Android compatible (see librespot-android)
  • Optional HTTP API (see librespot-api)
  • Supports custom sinks and decoders
  • Actively developed and up-to-date with the latest internal API

The library

The lib module provides all the necessary components and tools to interact with Spotify. More here.

The player

The player module provides the full player experience. You can use it from Spotify Connect, and it operates in full headless mode. More here.

Protobuf generation

The compiled Java protobuf definitions aren't versioned, therefore, if you want to open the project inside your IDE, you'll need to run mvn compile first to ensure that all the necessary files are created. If the build fails due to missing protoc you can install it manually and use the -DprotocExecutable=/path/to/protoc flag. The com.spotify package is reserved for the generated files.


The application uses Log4J for logging purposes, the configuration file is placed inside lib/src/main/resources, player/src/main/resources or api/src/main/resources depending on what you're working with. You can also toggle the log level with logLevel option in the configuration.


Snapshots for all variants are available here.

Special thanks

  • All the developers of librespot which started this project in Rust
  • All the contributors of this project for testing and fixing stuff
  • that provided a free license for their Java Profiler
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