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A collection of special paths linked to major web CVEs, known misconfigurations, juicy APIs ..etc. It could be used as a part of web content discovery, to scan passively for high-quality endpoints and quick-wins.

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A collection of special paths linked to major web CVEs, known juicy APIs, misconfigurations.. etc. These could be used for web-content discovery as a way to find quick wins.

Update: I have removed all the other sub-list files and kept everything consolidated on "all-files". This would be much better to remove confusion and keep it all-in-one.


I started this repository to make it open for everyone to contribute, with the simple goal of making high-quality wordlists for the community. It could be very helpful whether Pentesters use it for their assessments, security engineers as a part of their DAST solution, or bug bounty hunters to scan a massive number of subdomains/hosts looking for quick wins using high-quality wordlists; this should be your go-to for quick hits on any targets. It includes:

  • A curated list of PATHs linked to previous CVEs; you can use it to scan passively for endpoints related to CVEs.

  • PATHs associated with known misconfigurations, endpoints that leak sensitive data, grant access to some special parts of the app .. etc.

  • Special paths that usually expose API endpoints or server information. Perfectly suitable for discovering more "hidden" APIs, interesting and verbose endpoints.


Feel free to open a new Pull-request if you have a new CVE endpoint to add or simply any special paths that usually return juicy information.

Please note that the wordlist is intentionally short to focus only on high-quality endpoints, so it is not vast enough to rely entirely on it for active scanning.

For extended and large wordlists, please refer to Assetnote and SecLists


  • A special thanks to project-discovery, a large part of the CVE endpoints were extracted from their projects.

  • Many endpoints were also curated from this tweet by NahamSec

  • Others were shared by various individuals, from tweets, Hackerone reports, personal wordlists.

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