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Laravel Sketchpad


Sketchpad is an innovative, bolt-on development environment for your existing Laravel site.

It's a place to write, test, experiment and execute code, or just a place to group useful tools and functions you want easy access to.



Sketchpad provides an alternative structure of controllers, views, assets and routing that lives alongside your main Laravel installation.

You can navigate methods, interactively modify parameters, and even live-reload the code you're working on, all from a friendly UI.

Additional tooling and functionality is designed to make it quick and easy to develop or debug new tools, features and code.


View the live demo at:


  • Test out new coding ideas
  • Develop tools and utilities for everyday work
  • Debug applications in the same environment they're running in
  • Practice with new libraries or APIs with your existing code
  • Give new hires a place to get up to speed with the codebase
  • Double check how that rarely-used function actually works
  • Give all that "secret" or commented-out code somewhere to live
  • Live-document existing features and tools
  • Generate and manage reports

More info

For installation and usage instructions, see the wiki.

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