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Database Profiler for Laravel Web and Console Applications.

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Database Profiler for Laravel Web and Console Applications

Laravel Database Profiler

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Database Profiler for Laravel Web and Console Applications.

A simple tool that works correctly even with dd() in your code.

Laravel Database Profiler
9.x 9.x
8.x 8.x
7.x 7.x
6.x 6.x
5.8.* 5.8.*
5.7.* 5.7.*
5.6.* 5.6.*
5.5.* 5.5.*
5.4.* 5.4.*
5.3.* 5.3.*
5.2.* 5.2.*
5.1.* 5.1.*


  1. Install the package via Composer:

    composer require illuminated/db-profiler
  2. Use the vvv parameter for Web:

    Laravel Database Profiler - Demo - Web

  3. Use the -vvv option for Console:

    Laravel Database Profiler - Demo - Console

Local by default

Enabled only for the local environment, so you don't have to worry about production.

If you want to force profiling for non-local environments - specify it explicitly in your .env file:



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Material Theme UI Plugin


Laravel Database Profiler is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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