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Self-hosted cloud using Wasmer 4.0

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This project provides a functional, self-hosted cloud solution using Wasmer 4.0. This enables you to deploy and run serverless functions, host websites and manage storage right from your own infrastructure. I believe in the power of decentralization and this project is a step towards that direction.

This project is currently under active development. This means that while it is functional, not all intended features may be fully implemented yet. As it is a work in progress, we strongly recommend that it be used in a development or testing environment, rather than in a production setting.


Here are the core components I'm building:

  1. Functions (with Wasmer): Run serverless functions on your own infrastructure. No need to worry about vendor lock-in or expensive cloud costs.
  2. Serverless websites (with WASIX): Host your own websites easily and efficiently.
  3. Storage: Handle file storage in your self-hosted cloud.

Ideas for Future Development

I am actively thinking about these features for future releases:

  1. Database (with Sqlite, something like Pocketbase): A self-hosted lightweight database solution for small to medium applications.
  2. Authentication: An authentication module for managing users and their respective permissions in the self-hosted environment.
  3. Logging: A logging module to handle and analyze logs generated by various components.

Installation & Usage

Head over to releases and download latest executable. If you want to contribute, get started by running following commands:

git clone
cd cloud
nix develop
just dev


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License.


If you're having any problem, please raise an issue on GitHub.

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