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To give you an idea on how this works, I use wpgtk with templates to make setting color schemes across many applications convenient. Each color scheme has its own corresponding GTK and icon themes.

  • OS: Manjaro
  • DE: Plasma
  • WM: KWin
  • Terminal: Konsole
  • Shell: zsh + Oh My Zsh + Powerlevel10k
  • Terminal Font: SFMono Nerd Font, JetBrainsMono NF, Iosevka
  • System Font: SF Pro Text
  • Bar/Panel: Latte-Dock Polybar
  • File Manager: Dolphin Thunar
  • Editor: VS Code, Vim
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Music Player: Spotify & ncmpcpp

Firefox CSS sources: minimal-functional-fox (old) & not-firefox-review

Startpage sources: https://notabug.org/nytly/home (old) & https://github.com/JavaCafe01/startpage

Latte layout is based on Moe Layout.

ncmpcpp config source: elenapan and owl4ce

Materia GTK themes and Papirus icons are made using oomox

:pushpin: Dependencies

:paperclip: Recommendations

:hammer_and_wrench: Setup

(work in progress)

Note: I just got started ricing back in August so I'm very new to this. I don't guarantee anything to be working as intended.

Set your Global Theme to Breeze Dark before you proceed.

Install the dependencies:

  • # Use your helper of choice
    yay -S latte-dock-git wpgtk-git qt5-styleplugins python-pywal
Clone and copy most of the stuff
  • git clone https://github.com/ComplexPlatform/KDE-dotfiles
  • # Copy .local, .config, .themes, and .ncmpcpp to your home directory.
    cd KDE-dotfiles/ && cp -r {.local,.config,.themes,.ncmpcpp} ~/

To remove title bars and add active/inactive frame colors, follow this guide

To change your Latte layout, right click on your dock/panel > Layouts > pick your layout of choice.

Extract Icons
  • cd ~/.local/share/icons/
    ls *.xz |xargs -n1 tar -xf
    # Delete leftover archives
    rm *.tar.xz
  1. Add wallpapers and import color schemes:
  • # Assuming you're in KDE-Dotfiles directory
    # Add wallpapers
    wpg -a walls/foggy-mountain_01.jpg
    wpg -a walls/coffee.jpg
    wpg -a walls/flowers.jpg
    wpg -a walls/urban.jpg
    wpg -a walls/cherryblossom.jpg
    wpg -a walls/neutral.jpg
  • # Assuming you're in KDE-Dotfiles directory
    # Import color schemes
    wpg -i foggy-mountain_01.jpg colorschemes/foggy-mountain.json
    wpg -i coffee.jpg colorschemes/coffee.json
    wpg -i flowers.jpg colorschemes/flowers.json
    wpg -i urban.jpg colorschemes/urban.json
    wpg -i cherryblossom.jpg colorschemes/cherryblossom.json
    wpg -i neutral.jpg colorschemes/neutral.json
  1. Add templates:
  • # Backups are automatically made just in case something goes wrong.
    wpg -ta ~/.config/kdeglobals
    wpg -ta ~/.local/share/konsole/wpgtk.colorscheme
    wpg -ta ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/CullaX/colors
  1. Add variables/keywords to the templates:
  • # Identify the templates` filenames first on ~/.config/wpg/templates
    # Replace <filename>.base with yours
    # Assuming you're in KDE-dotfiles directory
    cd wpgtktemplates
    cat kdeglobals.base > ~/.config/wpg/templates/<your_kdeglobals>.base
    cat colors.base > ~/.config/wpg/templates/<your_cullax_colors>.base
    cat konsole.base > ~/.config/wpg/templates/<your_konsole>.base
  1. Set the color scheme:
  • wpg -s <scheme>.jpg
    # Replace <scheme> with your color scheme of choice.
    # For example
    wpg -s Flowers.jpg

Unfortunately, you have to set your wallpaper manually.

If you're using Spicetify with Dribbblish, run the following:

xrdb -merge ~/.cache/wal/colors.Xresources
spicetify config color_scheme pywal
spicetify apply
Set Plasma theme
  • System Settings > Plasma Style, set it to CullaX.
  • System Settings > Application Style, set it to gtk2. Click Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style..., set the GTK2 and GTK3 theme your theme of choice.
  • System Settings > Icons, set the icon theme to your theme of choice.

To remove the titlebar buttons:

  • System Settings > Application Style > Window Decorations > Titlebar Buttons, drag the buttons and drop them down to the list.

To change the titlebar size:

  • System Settings > Application Style > Window Decorations, click the edit icon on Breeze. Change button size to whatever you want.

:ice_cream: Optional Stuff


You can use dunst instead by renaming KDE's notification service so it gets ignored.

# Make sure dunst is installed beforehand
cd /usr/share/dbus-1/services
sudo mv org.kde.plasma.Notifications.service org.kde.plasma.Notifications.service-disabled

Log out and log back in again to see the changes.

:sparkling_heart: Credits

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