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Kanca is an application to analyze Facebook Group activity. Its key features are:

  • Open sourced, as you can see here.
  • Fully client side, hosted on GitHub pages (zero cost, no data persisted on server).
  • Analyze user FB group feed behavior like most active users, most liked posts, etc.
  • Analyze FB group user engagement like new users, user retention, etc.

Local Development


  1. Node.js 6+
  2. Facebook Developer's Application, create it at https://developers.facebook.com for free
  3. Make sure you enabled Facebook Login feature and put http://localhost:3000 exist in your Valid OAuth redirect URIs (Facebook Login -> Settings)


  1. Go to project root directory, copy .env.template to .env (edit it as you need, look at description below)
  2. Install its dependencies $ npm install or $ yarn install

IDE/ Text Editor/ OS Configuration

Since this project uses Flow, and some environment specific configuration, some IDE or Text Editors needs additional configuration.


Please use Bash on Ubuntu on Windows or Windows Subsystem Linux for local development.


Add "javascript.validate.enable": false on your VSCode config (.vscode/settings.json).

It would be better if you install this Flow plugin as well.


  1. Run $ npm start or $ yarn start
  2. Open browser at http://localhost:3000

Environment Variable Explanation

  • REACT_APP_FB_APP_ID it's Facebook Developer's Application ID, look at your application dashboard on https://developers.facebook.com.
  • REACT_APP_URL_PREFIX default is /kanca, it's used as a url prefix, mostly used if we published as project page at GitHub pages.
  • REACT_APP_FEED_PAGES default is 10, it's used to set how many pages of group feed do we want to fetch by default.
  • REACT_APP_GROUP_IDS Facebook Group IDs to be shown at featured groups on group selection, eg. 1920036621597031 for Facebook Developer Circle: Malang group. Separated by commas ,.


To track development progress and roadmap, follow this GitHub Project.



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