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json.human.js: Json Formatting for Human Beings

A small library to convert a JSON object into a human readable HTML representation that is easy to style for different purposes.


Mariano Guerra


At Event Fabric <http://event-fabric.com/>_ we need to display JSON to people from all technical levels without being to technical but also without losing information about the underlying JSON object.


you can see js/demo.js in this repo for an example or use it live at the project page <http://marianoguerra.github.io/json.human.js>_


var node = JsonHuman.format(input);

Additional options parameter can be supplied


var input = {
      "url" : [
              "x" : "x-direction",
              "y" : "y-direction",
              "url" : "www.google.com"

var node = JsonHuman.format(input, {
    // Show or hide Array-Indices in the output
    showArrayIndex: true,

    // Hyperlinks Option
    // Enable <a> tag in the output html based on object keys
    // Supports only strings and arrays
    hyperlinks : {
        enable : true,
        keys: ['url'],          // Keys which will be output as links
        target : '_blank'       // 'target' attribute of a

    // Options for displaying bool
    bool : {
        // Show text? And what text for true & false?
        showText : true,
        text : {
            true : "Yes",
            false : "No"

        // Show image? And which images (urls)?
        showImage : true,
        img : {
            true : 'css/true.png',
            false : 'css/false.png'

To install it, if you're using Bower <https://github.com/bower/bower>_ you can just run::

bower install json-human --save



MIT <http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT>_

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