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Javascript Gantt: fully featured gantt chart component built entirely with JS and CSS. No images or external libs required.

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A fully featured gantt chart component built entirely in Javascript, CSS and AJAX. It is lightweight and there is no need of external libraries or additional images.

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Start using with including the files jsgantt.js and jsgantt.css that are inside dist/ folder.

Or install and use in JS

npm install jsgantt-improved

Import in your JS import {JSGantt} from 'jsgantt-improved';

See the FULL DOCUMENTATION for more details in all features.

For Angular use the component ng-gantt

For React use the component react-jsgantt

For Vue , see this example: https://stackblitz.com/edit/vue-jsgantt

For .NET , see this example: .NET Documentation


You can view a Solo live example at:

Or use a live coding example at Codenpen:

Easy to Use

<link href="jsgantt.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
<script src="jsgantt.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<div style="position:relative" class="gantt" id="GanttChartDIV"></div>


var g = new JSGantt.GanttChart(document.getElementById('GanttChartDIV'), 'day');

  vCaptionType: 'Complete',  // Set to Show Caption : None,Caption,Resource,Duration,Complete,     
  vQuarterColWidth: 36,
  vDateTaskDisplayFormat: 'day dd month yyyy', // Shown in tool tip box
  vDayMajorDateDisplayFormat: 'mon yyyy - Week ww',// Set format to dates in the "Major" header of the "Day" view
  vWeekMinorDateDisplayFormat: 'dd mon', // Set format to display dates in the "Minor" header of the "Week" view
  vLang: 'en',
  vShowTaskInfoLink: 1, // Show link in tool tip (0/1)
  vShowEndWeekDate: 0,  // Show/Hide the date for the last day of the week in header for daily
  vAdditionalHeaders: { // Add data columns to your table
      category: {
        title: 'Category'
      sector: {
        title: 'Sector'
  vUseSingleCell: 10000, // Set the threshold cell per table row (Helps performance for large data.
  vFormatArr: ['Day', 'Week', 'Month', 'Quarter'], // Even with setUseSingleCell using Hour format on such a large chart can cause issues in some browsers,

// Load from a Json url
JSGantt.parseJSON('./fixes/data.json', g);

// Or Adding  Manually
  pID: 1,
  pName: "Define Chart <strong>API</strong>",
  pStart: "2017-02-25",
  pEnd: "2017-03-17",
  pPlanStart: "2017-04-01",
  pPlanEnd: "2017-04-15 12:00",
  pClass: "ggroupblack",
  pLink: "",
  pMile: 0,
  pRes: "Brian",
  pComp: 0,
  pGroup: 0,
  pParent: 0,
  pOpen: 1,
  pDepend: "",
  pCaption: "",
  pCost: 1000,
  pNotes: "Some Notes text",
  category: "My Category",
  sector: "Finance"




  • Tasks & Collapsible Task Groups
  • Dependencies and Highlight when hover a task
  • Edit data in gantt table with list of responsible
  • Task Completion
  • Table with Additional Columns
  • Task Styling or as HTML tags
  • Milestones
  • Resources
  • Costs
  • Plan Start and End Dates
  • Gantt with Planned vs Executed
  • Dynamic Loading of Tasks
  • Dynamic change of format: Hour, Day, Week, Month, Quarter
  • Load Gantt from JSON and XML
    • From external files (including experimental support for MS Project XML files)
    • From JavaScript Strings
  • Support for Internationalization
    • Chinese (cn)
    • Czech (cs)
    • Dutch (Standard)
    • selected>English (en)
    • French (fr)
    • German (de)
    • Hungarian (hu)
    • Indonesian (id)
    • Italian (it)
    • Japanese (ja)
    • Portuguese (pt)
    • Russian (ru)
    • Spanish (es)
    • Swedish (sv)
    • Turkish (tr)


See the Documentation wiki page or the included docs/index.html file for instructions on use.

Project based on https://code.google.com/p/jsgantt/.

Want to Collaborate?

Its easy to get it set:

  • Clone this repo
  • Install lib dependencies: npm i
  • Install global dependencies: npm i -g browserify nodemon onchange tsc
  • Compile final js to be used on demo: npm run dist
  • Run the demo with a live example: npm start.
  • You can check the demo gantt that we use for testing features at:
  • Use npm run watch or do your change in src and restart this command refresh the changes.

For testing:

  • Install global dependencies: npm i -g webdriver-manager
  • Install selenium webdriver: npm run webdriver, it will install something like node_modules/webdriver-manager/selenium/chromedriver_88.0.4324.96.zip

node node_modules/protractor/bin/webdriver-manager update apt install chromium

apt install chromium-bsu

  • Use npm run test with e2e tests.
  • Or use npm run watch:test to keep watching the tests

For new release:

  • Increment the version number on package.json
  • Run npm run publishnpm

Or help us donating...

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