JKAnderson UXM Versions Save

Enables file modding for DS2, SotFS, DS3, and Sekiro by unpacking game archives and patching the executable to load loose files instead.


4 years ago
  • Sekiro pre-order artbook/soundtrack thing support; just browse to DigitalArtwork_MiniSoundtrack.exe
  • Identify more files for Sekiro (thank you horkrux!)


4 years ago
  • Sekiro support


4 years ago
  • Identified the final file in DS3 (thanks Meow)
  • Identified files for Japanese DS2
  • Show progress on the taskbar icon
  • Make sure you really want to delete everything if you click Restore


4 years ago
  • Support unpacking decrypted archives for BootBoost compatibility


4 years ago
  • Fix the update link in the app not actually doing anything


4 years ago
  • Fix DLC2 files still being loaded from archive (just click Patch again to fix it)


4 years ago
  • Fix keybinding menu being broken because of a false positive
  • Identify all but 1 file in DS3 (and support release version better)


4 years ago
  • U3M has been mostly rewritten and is now UXM
  • DS2 and SotFS are supported
  • Performance improvements (20-30% faster unpacking)
  • Patching and restoring now also display progress and are abortable
  • Fixed some misidentified files in DS3 and identified 1 new one