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Jalpc-A is a front end web application, it is written in Angularjs and the theme is similar with Jalpc

We can register an account at this website and login to comment, only admin user can add blogs, if you like you can build a blog which everyone can add blogs,besides the app's backhend platform is based on Leancloud,you can use Parse as well.

If you like this Jekyll theme,please give me encouragement and star this project,I will make it better.

Getting Started

If you're completely new to Jekyll, I recommend checking out the documentation at http://jekyllrb.com or there's a tutorial by Smashing Magazine.

Fork, then clone

Fork the repo, and then clone it so you've got the code locally.

$ git clone https://github.com/<your githubname>/Jalpc-A.git
$ cd Jalpc-A
$ gem install jekyll # If you don't have jekyll installed
$ rm -rf _site && jekyll server

Get a Leancloud account

Register an account at Leancloud and create a application, then in the settings of application you can get your App ID and App Key, replace them in js/app.js.


Parse is similar.

Jekyll Serve

Then, start the Jekyll Server. I always like to give the --watch option so it updates the generated HTML when I make changes.

$ jekyll serve --watch

Now you can navigate to localhost:4000 in your browser to see the site.


You can use npm or other local web service to view the web site,remember to remove front matter in website.html.

Using Github Pages

You can host your Jekyll site for free with Github Pages. Click here for more information.

A configuration tweak if you're using a gh-pages sub-folder


Replace your website domain in CNAME file.


Login with github account

You can login with github account,the web application use leancloud engine to realize it.when you logined in,your username in my blog is gh_<your_github_username>.

Web analytics

I use Google analytics to do web analytics, you can register an account and apply an application, just replace the javascript code in website.html.

Rich Text Editor

I use summernote to generate a rich text editor at web page,you can write many styles of words and add pictures, videos and so on.It's very easy to write an article.

When you want to upload an image,the image will be uploaded to a background platform(qiniu cloud service).

rich text editor


Every blog, I generate a QRCode image with angular-qrcode,this is the absURL about the blog,you can get the blog in other devices and share.


  • Login and comment
  • Also summernote editor
  • Reply to others' comments
  • Delete your previous comments


The pagination is baseed on ui-bootstrap,but there is a small bug: if you put items-per-page in html DOM and use page params to get the data with ui-router,the page will go to the matching page and return to the first page immediately.So I didn't put it in html,and re calculate the total count, now the url like this: http://angular.jack003.com/website.html#/blogs/2, we can go back and go forward through browser between pages.


Since the project is open source, we must consider user's username and password and safe connection.The below is analysis chart when use access to the website.


Client get the web application files(html,css,js) from http://angular.jack003.com, all the user account connections and token connections are with https://api.leancloud.cn, and some jsonp scripts are with http://jalpc-a.leanapp.cn such as github login and blog's short url.

To Do

  • search page
  • donate
  • message
  • send email

Put in a Jalpc-A Plug

If you want to give credit to the Jalpc-A theme with a link to my personal website http://angular.jack003.com, that'd be awesome. No worries if you don't.


I hope you enjoy using Jalpc-A. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to let me know by creating an issue. I'd love to help.

Upgrading Jalpc-A

Jalpc-A is always being improved by its users, so sometimes one may need to upgrade.

Ensure there's an upstream remote

If git remote -v doesn't have an upstream listed, you can do the following to add it:

git remote add upstream https://github.com/johnotander/pixyll.git

Pull in the latest changes

git pull upstream master

There may be merge conflicts, so be sure to fix the files that git lists if they occur. That's it!

Thanks to the following


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request
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