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Dump Kext information from iOS kernel cache. Applicable to the kernel which dump from memory

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Dump Kext information from iOS kernel cache. Applicable to the kernel which dump from memory. The disassembly framework used is Capstone

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32bit version of iOS:

32bit(arm): ioskextdump_32

64bit version of iOS10:

64bit(arm): ioskextdump_ios10

Dump Kext info For Mac:

64bit(x86_64): mackextdump

Analyze kernel extension information from iOS kernel cache with arm instructions and extract information, information including the basic IOKit classes construction parameters, inheritance relationship of the IOKit class and subclass methods override.

I finished this dirty project a year ago. Have been tested at iOS8& (64bit iOS9) kernel cache, Does not support iOS10, iOS10 Kext format has some changing, For example, sections of kernel cache is changed __DATA -> __DATA_CONST. I haven't studied the kernel of iOS10 yet because I spend time to learn something else

The project will begin from __DATA.__ mod_init_func as start point. Get all basic IOKit class construction functions first, and then export Kexts from __PRELINK_TEXT.__text one by one. According to basic IOKit classes’s VM address get a different inheritance relationship of IOKit classes of Kexts so this program could analyze different table and compare to its superclass, The result obtained is determine which functions this IOKit class override. So it needs to execute twice to get the inheritance order of all classes, first time was record information

And also will determine structure of IOExternalMethodDispatch if its a Userclient class, but many classes implements their own externalMethod, didn’t use any IOExternalMethodDispatch, IOExternalMethod or IOExternalTrap So still need lots of manual analysis to find interface of Kext

For kernel which dump from memory

Use iosdumpkernelfix to correct the Mach-O header before analyze it, Otherwise The analysis results are not complete list of Kexts

How to use


git clone && cd ioskextdump

Compile and install to /usr/local/bin/

make install


Usage: ioskextdump [-e] [-p <access directory path>] <kernelcache>

-e Specify the export mode
-p Specifiy a folder path that contains the data file or export data file to there

Example to use I left a sample iOS8.3 kernelcache in the test directory, try to run this command

ioskextdump -e -p test test/iPhone6p_8.3_kernel.arm

You will see all Inheritance relationship is empty and allClass_relation.plist saved success should be at end of program print

Inheritance relationship:

Then try same command removes -e

ioskextdump -p test test/iPhone6p_8.3_kernel.arm

ioskextdump will print contain lists of inheritance and override functions:

******** *******
(0xffffff801ce66998)->OSMetaClass:OSMetaClass call 4 args list
vtable start from addr 0xffffff801ce8bb70
Inheritance relationship: IOAccelContext2->IOAccelSubmitter2->IOUserClient->IOService->IORegistryEntry->OSObject

override: IOUserClient_IOUserClient loc:0xffffff801ce8bb70 imp:0xffffff801ce66818
override: IOUserClient_~IOUserClient loc:0xffffff801ce8bb78 imp:0xffffff801ce6681c
override: IOUserClient_getMetaClass loc:0xffffff801ce8bba8 imp:0xffffff801ce66834
override: IOUserClient_free loc:0xffffff801ce8bbd8 imp:0xffffff801ce68618

Any question just Email me

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