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InvokeAI is a leading creative engine for Stable Diffusion models, empowering professionals, artists, and enthusiasts to generate and create visual media using the latest AI-driven technologies. The solution offers an industry leading WebUI, supports terminal use through a CLI, and serves as the foundation for multiple commercial products.

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Invoke - Professional Creative AI Tools for Visual Media

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Invoke is a leading creative engine built to empower professionals and enthusiasts alike. Generate and create stunning visual media using the latest AI-driven technologies. Invoke offers an industry leading web-based UI, and serves as the foundation for multiple commercial products.

Installation and Updates - Documentation and Tutorials - Bug Reports - Contributing

Highlighted Features - Canvas and Workflows

Quick Start

  1. Download and unzip the installer from the bottom of the latest release.

  2. Run the installer script.

    • Windows: Double-click on the install.bat script.
    • macOS: Open a Terminal window, drag the file from Finder into the Terminal, and press enter.
    • Linux: Run
  3. When prompted, enter a location for the install and select your GPU type.

  4. Once the install finishes, find the directory you selected during install. The default location is C:\Users\Username\invokeai for Windows or ~/invokeai for Linux/macOS.

  5. Run the launcher script (invoke.bat for Windows, for macOS and Linux) the same way you ran the installer script in step 2.

  6. Select option 1 to start the application. Once it starts up, open your browser and go to http://localhost:9090.

  7. Open the model manager tab to install a starter model and then you'll be ready to generate.

More detail, including hardware requirements and manual install instructions, are available in the installation documentation.

Troubleshooting, FAQ and Support

Please review our FAQ for solutions to common installation problems and other issues.

For more help, please join our Discord.


Full details on features can be found in our documentation.

Web Server & UI

Invoke runs a locally hosted web server & React UI with an industry-leading user experience.

Unified Canvas

The Unified Canvas is a fully integrated canvas implementation with support for all core generation capabilities, in/out-painting, brush tools, and more. This creative tool unlocks the capability for artists to create with AI as a creative collaborator, and can be used to augment AI-generated imagery, sketches, photography, renders, and more.

Workflows & Nodes

Invoke offers a fully featured workflow management solution, enabling users to combine the power of node-based workflows with the easy of a UI. This allows for customizable generation pipelines to be developed and shared by users looking to create specific workflows to support their production use-cases.

Invoke features an organized gallery system for easily storing, accessing, and remixing your content in the Invoke workspace. Images can be dragged/dropped onto any Image-base UI element in the application, and rich metadata within the Image allows for easy recall of key prompts or settings used in your workflow.

Other features

  • Support for both ckpt and diffusers models
  • SD1.5, SD2.0, and SDXL support
  • Upscaling Tools
  • Embedding Manager & Support
  • Model Manager & Support
  • Workflow creation & management
  • Node-Based Architecture


Anyone who wishes to contribute to this project - whether documentation, features, bug fixes, code cleanup, testing, or code reviews - is very much encouraged to do so.

Get started with contributing by reading our contribution documentation, joining the #dev-chat or the GitHub discussion board.

We hope you enjoy using Invoke as much as we enjoy creating it, and we hope you will elect to become part of our community.


Invoke is a combined effort of passionate and talented people from across the world. We thank them for their time, hard work and effort.

Original portions of the software are Copyright © 2024 by respective contributors.

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