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Instagram Account Creator (Maintained)

Please refer to the below link to buy a maintained creator written in Python.

YouTube Video

Download (Maintained)

Download the code from here.


Run this command in terminal:

$ python


You'll get information of the account created.

Username: example123
Password: kKwip9Kqo91ftq828
Email: [email protected]
SessionID: Kiqldke819h7uKqpw8ajkwIq8193jakKs


  • Auto-generates DuckDuckGo Private Email Addresses.
  • Auto-fetches OTP from ProtonMail Inbox.
  • Auto-updates Profile Picture to an AI-Generated Human Face.
  • Sets a random AI-Generated Biography on account creation.

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]
Discord: @gitdiezo

This tool is for educational purposes only. Use of such tools may violate Instagram's Policies, so use it responsibly.

Repository credits: Matteo Gaito

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