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Image Inpainting

This repository is a paper list of image inpainting. Feel free to contact me ([email protected]) if you find any interesting paper about inpainting that I missed. I would greatly appreciate it : )

đź’ˇ Highlights

  • 2023-04-10: We develop an image inapinting model called Inpaint Anything which can remove, fill and replace ANYTHING.
  • 2022-10-12: Our Region Normalization inpainting work achieves 100 citations.

Traditional Methods

Year Proceeding Title Tag
2000 SIGGRAPH 2000 Image Inpainting [pdf] Diffusion-based
2001 TIP 2001 Filling-in by joint interpolation of vector fields and gray levels [pdf] Diffusion-based
2001 CVPR 2001 Navier-stokes, fluid dynamics, and image and video inpainting [pdf]
2001 SIGGRAPH 2001 Image Quilting for Texture Synthesis and Transfer [pdf]
2001 SIGGRAPH 2001 Synthesizing Natural Textures [pdf]
2002 EJAM 2002 Digital inpainting based on the mumford–shah–euler image model [pdf] Diffusion-based
2003 CVPR 2003 Object removal by exemplar-based inpainting [pdf]
2003 TIP 2003 Simultaneous structure and texture image inpainting [pdf] Diffusion-based
2003 TIP 2003 Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compression Applications [pdf]
2003 ICCV 2003 Learning How to Inpaint from Global Image Statistics [pdf] Diffusion-based
2003 TOG 2003 Fragment-based image completion [pdf] Patch-based
2004 TIP 2004 Region Filling and Object Removal by Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting [pdf] Patch-based; Inpainting order
2004 TPAMI 2004 Space-Time Video Completion [pdf]
2005 SIGGRAPH 2005 Image Completion with Structure Propagation [pdf] Patch-based
2006 ISCS 2006 Image Compression with Structure Aware Inpainting [pdf]
2007 TOG 2007 Scene completion using millions of photographs [pdf]
2007 CSVT 2007 Image Compression With Edge-Based Inpainting [pdf] Diffusion-based
2008 CVPR 2008 Summarizing Visual Data Using Bidirectional Similarity [pdf]
2009 SIGGRAPH 2009 PatchMatch: a randomized correspondence algorithm for structural image editing [pdf] Patch-based
2010 TIP 2010 Image inpainting by patch propagation using patch sparsity [pdf] Patch-based
2011 FTCGV 2011 Structured learning and prediction in computer vision [pdf]
2011 ICIP 2011 Examplar-based inpainting based on local geometry [pdf] Inpainting order
2012 TOG 2012 Combining inconsistent images using patch-based synthesis[pdf] Patch-based
2014 TOG 2014 Image completion using Planar structure guidance [pdf] Patch-based
2014 TVCG 2014 High-Quality Real-Time Video Inpainting with PixMix [pdf] Video
2014 SIAM 2014 Video inpainting of complex scenes [pdf] Video
2015 TIP 2015 Annihilating Filter-Based Low-Rank Hankel Matrix Approach for Image Inpainting [pdf]
2015 TIP 2015 Exemplar-Based Inpainting: Technical Review and New Heuristics for Better Geometric Reconstructions [pdf]
2016 TOG 2016 Temporally coherent completion of dynamic video [pdf] Video

Deep-learning-based Methods

Year Proceeding Title Tag
2012 NIPS 2012 Image denoising and inpainting with deep neural networks [pdf]
2014 GCPR 2014 Mask-specific inpainting with deep neural networks [pdf]
2014 NIPS 2014 Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Image Deconvolution [pdf]
2015 NIPS 2015 Shepard Convolutional Neural Networks [pdf] [code]
2016 CVPR 2016 Context Encoders: Feature Learning by Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2016 SIGGRAPH 2016 High-resolution multi-scale neural texture synthesis [pdf]
2017 CVPR 2017 Semantic image inpainting with deep generative models [pdf] [code]
2017 CVPR 2017 High-resolution image inpainting using multi-scale neural patch synthesis [pdf] [code]
2017 CVPR 2017 Generative Face Completion [pdf] [code]
2017 SIGGRAPH 2017 Globally and Locally Consistent Image Completion [pdf] [code]
2018 CVPR 2018 Generative Image Inpainting with Contextual Attention [pdf] [code]
2018 CVPR 2018 Natural and Effective Obfuscation by Head Inpainting [pdf]
2018 CVPR 2018 Eye In-Painting With Exemplar Generative Adversarial Networks [pdf] [code]
2018 CVPR 2018 UV-GAN: Adversarial Facial UV Map Completion for Pose-invariant Face Recognition [pdf]
2018 CVPR 2018 Disentangling Structure and Aesthetics for Style-aware Image Completion [pdf]
2018 ECCV 2018 Image Inpainting for Irregular Holes Using Partial Convolutions [pdf] [code]
2018 ECCV 2018 Contextual-based Image Inpainting: Infer, Match, and Translate [pdf]
2018 ECCV 2018 Shift-Net: Image Inpainting via Deep Feature Rearrangement [pdf] [code]
2018 NIPS 2018 Image Inpainting via Generative Multi-column Convolutional Neural Networks [pdf] [code]
2018 TOG 2018 Faceshop: Deep sketch-based face image editing [pdf]
2018 ACM MM 2018 Structural inpainting [pdf]
2018 ACM MM 2018 Semantic Image Inpainting with Progressive Generative Networks [pdf] [code]
2018 BMVC 2018 SPG-Net: Segmentation Prediction and Guidance Network for Image Inpainting [pdf]
2018 BMVC 2018 MC-GAN: Multi-conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Image Synthesi [pdf] [code]
2018 ACCV 2018 Face Completion iwht Semantic Knowledge and Collaborative Adversarial Learning [pdf]
2018 ICASSP 2018 Edge-Aware Context Encoder for Image Inpainting [pdf]
2018 ICPR 2018 Deep Structured Energy-Based Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2018 AISTATS 2019 Probabilistic Semantic Inpainting with Pixel Constrained CNNs [pdf]
2019 ICRA 2019 Empty Cities: Image Inpainting for a Dynamic-Object-Invariant Space [pdf]
2019 AAAI 2019 Video Inpainting by Jointly Learning Temporal Structure and Spatial Details [pdf] Video
2019 CVPR 2019 Pluralistic Image Completion [pdf] [code] [project]
2019 CVPR 2019 Deep Reinforcement Learning of Volume-guided Progressive View Inpainting for 3D Point Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image [pdf]
2019 CVPR 2019 Foreground-aware Image Inpainting [pdf]
2019 CVPR 2019 Privacy Protection in Street-View Panoramas using Depth and Multi-View Imagery [pdf]
2019 CVPR 2019 Learning Pyramid-Context Encoder Network for High-Quality Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2019 CVPR 2019 Deep Flow-Guided Video Inpainting [pdf] [project] Video
2019 CVPR 2019 Deep video inapinting [pdf] Video
2019 CVPRW 2019 VORNet: Spatio-temporally Consistent Video Inpainting for Object Removal [pdf] Video
2019 TNNLS 2019 PEPSI++: Fast and Lightweight Network for Image Inpainting [pdf]
2019 IJCAI 2019 MUSICAL: Multi-Scale Image Contextual Attention Learning for Inpainting [pdf]
2019 IJCAI 2019 Generative Image Inpainting with Submanifold Alignment [pdf]
2019 ACM MM 2019 Progressive Image Inpainting with Full-Resolution Residual Network [pdf] [code]
2019 ACM MM 2019 Deep Fusion Network for Image Completion [pdf] [code]
2019 ACM MM 2019 GAIN: Gradient Augmented Inpainting Network for Irregular Holes [pdf]
2019 ACM MM 2019 Single-shot Semantic Image Inpainting with Densely Connected Generative Networks [pdf]
2019 ICCVW 2019 EdgeConnect: Generative Image Inpainting with Adversarial Edge Learning [pdf] [code]
2019 ICCV 2019 Coherent Semantic Attention for Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2019 ICCV 2019 StructureFlow: Image Inpainting via Structure-aware Appearance Flow [pdf] [code]
2019 ICCV 2019 Progressive Reconstruction of Visual Structure for Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2019 ICCV 2019 Localization of Deep Inpainting Using High-Pass Fully Convolutional Network [pdf]
2019 ICCV 2019 Image Inpainting with Learnable Bidirectional Attention Maps [pdf] [code]
2019 ICCV 2019 Free-Form Image Inpainting with Gated Convolution [pdf] [project]
2019 ICCV 2019 FiNet: Compatible and Diverse Fashion Image Inpainting [pdf] Fashion
2019 ICCV 2019 SC-FEGAN: Face Editing Generative Adversarial Network with User's Sketch and Color [pdf] [code] Face
2019 ICCV 2019 Human Motion Prediction via Spatio-Temporal Inpainting [pdf] [code] Motion
2019 ICCV 2019 Copy-and-Paste Networks for Deep Video Inpainting [pdf] [code] Video
2019 ICCV 2019 Onion-Peel Networks for Deep Video Completion [pdf] [code] Video
2019 ICCV 2019 Free-form Video Inpainting with 3D Gated Convolution and Temporal PatchGAN [pdf] [code] Video
2019 ICCV 2019 An Internal Learning Approach to Video Inpainting [pdf] Video
2019 ICCV 2019 Vision-Infused Deep Audio Inpainting [pdf] [code] Audio
2019 AAAI 2020 Region Normalization for Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2019 AAAI 2020 Learning to Incorporate Structure Knowledge for Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2020 CVPR 2020 Prior Guided GAN Based Semantic Inpainting [pdf]
2020 CVPR 2020 UCTGAN: Diverse Image Inpainting based on Unsupervised Cross-Space Translation [pdf]
2020 CVPR 2020 Recurrent Feature Reasoning for Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2020 CVPR 2020 Contextual Residual Aggregation for Ultra High-Resolution Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2020 CVPR 2020 3D Photography using Context-aware Layered Depth Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2020 CVPR 2020 Learning Oracle Attention for High-fidelity Face Completion [pdf]
2020 ECCV 2020 Rethinking Image Inpainting via a Mutual Encoder-Decoder with Feature Equalizations [pdf] [code]
2020 ECCV 2020 Short-Term and Long-Term Context Aggregation Network for Video Inpainting Video
2020 ECCV 2020 Learning Object Placement by Inpainting for Compositional Data Augmentation
2020 ECCV 2020 Learning Joint Spatial-Temporal Transformations for Video Inpainting [pdf] [code] Video
2020 ECCV 2020 High-Resolution Image Inpainting with Iterative Confidence Feedback and Guided Upsampling [pdf]
2020 ECCV 2020 DVI: Depth Guided Video Inpainting for Autonomous Driving [pdf] [code] Video
2020 ECCV 2020 VCNet: A Robust Approach to Blind Image Inpainting [pdf]
2020 ECCV 2020 Guidance and Evaluation: Semantic-Aware Image Inpainting for Mixed Scenes [pdf]
2021 WACV 2021 Hyperrealistic Image Inpainting with Hypergraphs [pdf] [code]
2021 CVPR 2021 Generating Diverse Structure for Image Inpainting With Hierarchical VQ-VAE [pdf] [code]
2021 CVPR 2021 Image Inpainting with External-internal Learning and Monochromic Bottleneck [pdf] [code]
2021 CVPR 2021 PD-GAN: Probabilistic Diverse GAN for Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2021 CVPR 2021 Image Inpainting Guided by Coherence Priors of Semantics and Textures [pdf]
2021 CVPR 2021 FaceInpainter: High Fidelity Face Adaptation to Heterogeneous Domains [pdf]
2021 CVPR 2021 TransFill: Reference-guided Image Inpainting by Merging Multiple Color and Spatial Transformations [pdf] [code]
2021 CVPR 2021 Prior Based Human Completion [pdf] Human completion
2021 IJCAI 2021 Context-Aware Image Inpainting with Learned Semantic Priors [pdf] [code]
2021 IJCAI 2021 Noise Doesn’t Lie: Towards Universal Detection of Deep Inpainting [pdf] Inpainting detection
2021 TCSVT 2021 IID-Net: Image Inpainting Detection via Neural Architecture Search and Attention [pdf] [code] Inpainting detection
2021 WWW 2021 Progressive Semantic Reasoning for Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2021 ICCV 2021 Occlusion-Aware Video Object Inpainting [pdf] Video
2021 ICCV 2021 Internal Video Inpainting by Implicit Long-range Propagation [pdf] [code] Video
2021 ICCV 2021 Distillation-Guided Image Inpainting [pdf]
2021 ICCV 2021 Frequency-Aware Spatiotemporal Transformers for Video Inpainting Detection [pdf] Inpainting detection
2021 ICCV 2021 SLIDE: Single Image 3D Photography With Soft Layering and Depth-Aware Inpainting [pdf] [project]
2021 ICCV 2021 FuseFormer: Fusing Fine-Grained Information in Transformers for Video Inpainting [pdf] [code] Video
2021 ICCV 2021 WaveFill: A Wavelet-Based Generation Network for Image Inpainting [pdf]
2021 ICCV 2021 CR-Fill: Generative Image Inpainting With Auxiliary Contextual Reconstruction [pdf] [code]
2021 ICCV 2021 Learning a Sketch Tensor Space for Image Inpainting of Man-Made Scenes [pdf] [project]
2021 ICCV 2021 Parallel Multi-Resolution Fusion Network for Image Inpainting [pdf]
2021 ICCV 2021 Flow-Guided Video Inpainting With Scene Templates [pdf]
2021 ICCV 2021 High-Fidelity Pluralistic Image Completion With Transformers [pdf] [project]
2021 ICCV 2021 Learning High-Fidelity Face Texture Completion Without Complete Face Texture [pdf] Face
2021 WACV 2022 Resolution-robust Large Mask Inpainting with Fourier Convolutions [pdf] [code]
2022 CVPR 2022 Dual-path Image Inpainting with Auxiliary GAN Inversion
2022 CVPR 2022 MAT: Mask-Aware Transformer for Large Hole Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2022 CVPR 2022 Bridging Global Context Interactions for High-Fidelity Image Completion [pdf] [code]
2022 CVPR 2022 Incremental Transformer Structure Enhanced Image Inpainting with Masking Positional Encoding [pdf] [code]
2022 CVPR 2022 Reduce Information Loss in Transformers for Pluralistic Image Inpainting
2022 CVPR 2022 MISF: Multi-level Interactive Siamese Filtering for High-Fidelity Image Inpainting [pdf] [code]
2022 CVPR 2022 RePaint: Inpainting using Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models [pdf] [code]
2022 CVPR 2022 DLFormer:Discrete Latent Transformer for Video Inpainting Video
2022 CVPR 2022 The DEVIL is in the Details: A Diagnostic Evaluation Benchmark for Video Inpainting [pdf] [code] Video
2022 CVPR 2022 Towards An End-to-End Framework for Flow-Guided Video Inpainting [pdf] [code] Video
2022 CVPR 2022 Inertia-Guided Flow Completion and Style Fusion for Video Inpainting Video
2022 CVPR 2022 DLFormer:Discrete Latent Transformer for Video Inpainting Video

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