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illumos docbooks

This repository contains the original docbooks from Sun's last drop and contains the process of converting them to a format that will work well for illumos. Currently only a subset of the docbooks that once existed are here. Others will be added once someone cares enough about them and we make the process for working on them not quite so terrible.

To build them into something useful, you will need to install:

  • GNU make (gmake in pkgsrc)
  • Maven (apache-maven in pkgsrc)
  • dblatex (dblatex in pkgsrc)
  • epstopdf conversion tool (tex-epstopdf in pkgsrc)
  • texlive packages (texlive-collection-fontsrecommended, texlive-collection-latexrecommended, texlive-collection-latexextra in pkgsrc)
  • cyrillic fonts (tex-cyrillic in pkgsrc)

For example, in a SmartOS zone:

pkgin install \
    gmake apache-maven dblatex tex-epstopdf tex-cyrillic \
    texlive-collection-fontsrecommended \
    texlive-collection-latexrecommended \

The build tools are based on the old Solbook build tools, which were licensed under a combo GPL/CDDL.


The quick and easy way to build everything is to run:

make all

If you're on a system that doesn't have LaTeX packages available, you can build just the HTML files with:

make html

Repository Layout

  • raw/

    The currently maintained and updated docbooks. Each book is in its own top level directory.

  • src/

    The source files for generating websites and PDFs from the DocBook sources.

  • stage/

    Original docbooks from Sun that have not been updated.

Adding New Books

As a part of adding a new book, it should be moved from stage/ to raw/. Also, when you move it, please change the name to something that is a bit more obvious. dtrace is much better than DYNMCTRCGGD, and mdb than MODDEBUG. Once it is there, you must do the following things:

  • Add a license appendix that clearly states that this is under the PDL. Look at what the mdb or DTrace guides do.

  • Move all of the gif figures in figures/GenHTML-CachedGraphics/ to figures/. This will not be necessary at the time that issue #39 is completed. Until such a mystical time.

  • Comment out the index section until such time as bug #4 has been resolved.

  • Before you are done, add it as a check target in the Makefile.

And convert the sources from SolBook to Docbook 5:

  • Remove <highlights> tags, but leave their inner content

  • Convert all id's to xml:id's

  • Convert <olink> tags where remap="internal" to <xref> tags

  • Remove the <olink> tags around <citerefentry> tags

  • Convert <ulink> tags to <link> tags

  • Convert <chapterinfo> and <bookinfo> to just <info>

  • Add a <bibliorelation> tag that can be used when creating canonical links

  • Move <option> tags out of <command> tags/restructure

  • Along the way, as lines are touched, try to reformat

  • Assign <partintro> tags IDs, and update any references to the parent <part> to point at the <partintro> instead.

  • There are some other minor things that were not specific to SolBook, but were part of DocBook 4 and are gone in DocBook 5. Running the validator will find them for you. Consult the DocBook guide for tips on what to do:

This should be enough to get the HTML5 version of the book built. To build the PDFs though, there are some other things that need to be fixed:

  • Convert all colspecs' colwidth attributes from inches to proportional measurements. For example, if there are two columns of widths "1.00in" and "4.00in", they should become "1*" and "4*" respectively, which says that the second column should be four times the width of the first column. If there are multiple tables next to each that are similar in number of columns and width, try to make them the same, so that they look better in the PDF.
  • On <colspec> tags for columns that contain paragraphs, add an align="justify" attribute.
  • On <tbody> tags for tables that contain multi-line text, add valign="top" to ensure that things don't get vertically center-aligned, which can make reading the table more confusing.
  • Make sure that the text inside <programlisting> and <screen> tags wrap before 75 characters since monospaced text will be wider in the PDF, and the only two options are the listings environment's poor wrapping with breaklines, or overflowing into (or past) the margins.
  • Check for long <example> contents, which get placed inside a float and will therefore overflow the bottom margin if too long.

Additional cleanup worth performing:

  • Remove the processing instructions (things like <?PubTbl ...?>) left over from the XML editors initially used to write the books (they don't get used for anything).

Adding the document to the check target should help you track many of these issues down.


Treat this like you would illumos-gate with respect to bugs and the like. Currently the minor bug tracker is based on the github repository. Before you put back, you should run make check. Furthermore, if you change the xslt style, you must check most of the docbooks for regressions.

You can check your DocBook changes by running:

make check


All of the documentation is licensed under the Public Documentation License. See DOCLICENSE for details.

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