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Small tool to convert an IAM Policy in JSON format into a Terraform aws_iam_policy_document

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Small tool to convert an IAM Policy in JSON format into a Terraform aws_iam_policy_document

Web Version

Check out a web version of the tool here.

For command line usage and automation, check out the instructions below.



$ brew install iam-policy-json-to-terraform


$ asdf plugin add iam-policy-json-to-terraform https://github.com/carlduevel/asdf-iam-policy-json-to-terraform.git


Download the latest binary from the releases page and put it into your PATH under the name iam-policy-json-to-terraform


If you're a go developer and have your GOPATH defined and have added your $GOPATH/bin directory to your path, you can simply run this command.

$ go get github.com/flosell/iam-policy-json-to-terraform


From raw JSON

$ echo '{"Statement":[{"Effect":"Allow","Action":["ec2:Describe*"],"Resource":"*"}]}' | iam-policy-json-to-terraform
data "aws_iam_policy_document" "policy" {
  statement {
    sid       = ""
    effect    = "Allow"
    resources = ["*"]
    actions   = ["ec2:Describe*"]

From a JSON policy file

$ iam-policy-json-to-terraform < some-policy.json

If a video demo is more your thing, checkout this nice 2min introduction by the folks at env0.

Local development


  • Clone the repository to a location of your choosing:

    $ git clone [email protected]:flosell/iam-policy-json-to-terraform.git
  • Install dependencies and tools:

    $ cd iam-policy-json-to-terraform
    $ make tools


Entry point

make is your primary point of entry for any development activity. Call it without arguments to learn more:

$ make
build                          Test and build the whole application
clean                          Remove build artifacts
fmt                            Format code
fmtcheck                       Run linter
seccheck                       Run security checks
test                           Run all tests
test-readme                    Run the commands mentioned in the README for sanity-checking
tools                          Install additional required tooling
tools-main                     Install additional required tooling for the main version
tools-web                      Install additional required tooling for the web version
web-build                      Build the web version
web-deploy                     Deploy the web version to GitHub pages
web-e2e                        Run end to end tests for web version (requires web-build)
web-e2e-live                   Run end to end tests for web version in live mode for development (requires web-build)
web-serve                      Serve the web version on a local development server
web-visual-regression-approve  Accept changes in Web UI visuals
web-visual-regression-test     Test for changes in Web UI visuals

Web Development

To develop the web-frontend, you'll need to first compile the JavaScript version of iam-policy-json-to-terraform. make web-build will do that, generating a web.js file. Include it and it'll expose a convert(policyName,jsonString) function in the global namespace.

Currently, the complete web-frontend is plain HTML, JS and CSS, all within web/index.html. Edit or refine as needed.

End-To-End Tests for the web frontend exist as TestCafe tests in web_test.js and can be run using make web-e2e.

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