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http status code series T-shirt design


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If you like these designs, feel free to share them with your friends. HD images can be viewed in PDF.

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100.svg-HTTP Code 102.svg-HTTP Code 200.svg-HTTP Code
201.svg-HTTP Code 202.svg-HTTP Code 204.svg-HTTP Code
206.svg-HTTP Code 208.svg-HTTP Code 301.svg-HTTP Code
302.svg-HTTP Code 303.svg-HTTP Code 304.svg-HTTP Code
305.svg-HTTP Code 400.svg-HTTP Code 401.svg-HTTP Code
402.svg-HTTP Code 403.svg-HTTP Code 404.svg-HTTP Code
405.svg-HTTP Code 406.svg-HTTP Code 408.svg-HTTP Code
409.svg-HTTP Code 410.svg-HTTP Code 413.svg-HTTP Code
418.svg-HTTP Code 423.svg-HTTP Code 500.svg-HTTP Code
502.svg-HTTP Code 503.svg-HTTP Code 504.svg-HTTP Code
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Why open source

Before the sale for a period of time, and then the cooperation of the store did not engage in the stop. But I often get asked if I can still buy it, so I decided to open source it for interested students to print it themselves.


The T-shirt pattern is mainly designed using a combination of icons from, I have purchased the license when I designed it, but if you want to use it, you may need to purchase the license yourself.

With that in mind, the design is licensed under CC-BY. You may.

  • print it yourself
  • Or you can sell it commercially

However, you need to indicate the source of the design in the description of the item, in the following style.

For web pages and other occasions where links are supported.

T-shirt pattern designed by @easychen

When the link is not supported by APP, etc.

T-shirt pattern designed by @easychen ( )

PDF and source files

  1. PDF download
  2. source file The pattern is designed by Adobe XD, currently available for free download download

Translated with

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