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a full day lesson material to teach the basics of using a HPC cluster to novices

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Novice introduction to high performance computing. This material was conceived as a sandbox project for swcarpentry/hpc-novice. Parts of it will be contributed to swcarpentry/hpc-novice in due course.


The material can be viewed here!


The material as such targets future users of a HPC infrastructure of any discipline. The learners are expected to have an introductory level of programming skills and should know their way around the UNIX command line on a beginners level as well.


hpc-in-a-day is scheduler agnostic. Currently, it supports LSF and SLURM. The job scheduler type can be set with the workshop_scheduler variable in _config.yaml.

How to build


The material is based on the software carpentry lesson template. It hence depends on a fairly recent version of jekyll. Just give building it with make site in the root directory a try. If you find any problems, please open an issue.

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