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🔥🔥Several High-Performance Models for Unconstrained/Large-Scale/Low-Shot Face Recognition🔥🔥

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High Performance Face Recognition

This repository provides several high performance models for unconstrained / large-scale / low-shot face recognition, based on which we have achieved:

  • 2017 No.1 on ICCV 2017 MS-Celeb-1M Large-Scale Face Recognition Hard Set / Random Set / Low-Shot Learning Challenges. WeChat News, NUS ECE News, NUS ECE Poster, Award Certificate for Track-1, Award Certificate for Track-2, Award Ceremony.

  • 2017 No.1 on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) IARPA Janus Benchmark A (IJB-A) Unconstrained Face Verification challenge and Identification challenge. WeChat News.

  • SOTA performance on

    • MS-Celeb-1M (Challenge1 Hard Set Coverage@P=0.95: 79.10%; Challenge1 Random Set Coverage@P=0.95: 87.50%; Challenge2 Development Set Coverage@P=0.99: 100.00%; Challenge2 Base Set Top 1 Accuracy: 99.74%; Challenge2 Novel Set Coverage@P=0.99: 99.01%).

    • IJB-A (1:1 Veification TAR@FAR=0.1: 99.6%±0.1%; 1:1 Veification TAR@FAR=0.01: 99.1%±0.2%; 1:1 Veification TAR@FAR=0.001: 97.9%±0.4%; 1:N Identification FNIR@FPIR=0.1: 1.3%±0.3%; 1:N Identification FNIR@FPIR=0.01: 5.4%±4.7%; 1:N Identification Rank1 Accuracy: 99.2%±0.1%; 1:N Identification Rank5 Accuracy: 99.7%±0.1%; 1:N Identification Rank10 Accuracy: 99.8%±0.1%).

    • Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) (Accuracy: 99.85%±0.217%).

    • Celebrities in Frontal-Profile (CFP) (Frontal-Profile Accuracy: 96.01%±0.84%; Frontal-Profile EER: 4.43%±1.04%; Frontal-Profile AUC: 99.00%±0.35%; Frontal-Frontal Accuracy: 99.64%±0.25%; Frontal-Frontal EER: 0.54%±0.37%; Frontal-Frontal AUC: 99.98%±0.03%).

    • CMU Multi-PIE (Rank1 Accuracy Setting-1 under ±90°: 76.12%; Rank1 Accuracy Setting-2 under ±90°: 86.73%).


  • Please refer to "./src/" and this link to access our full source codes and models (continue to update).


  • Please consult and consider citing the following papers:

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