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:warning: This project has been superceded by QtPyVCP, and is no longer in development.

hazzy: A UI for LinuxCNC

hazzy is a modern GTK+ interface for LinuxCNC written in Python

Installation and Usage

See the documentation.



  • LinuxCNC master (2.8~pre)
  • Gtk+ v3.22.11 or later
  • Python 2.7

Hazzy is developed and tested using the LinuxCNC Debian 9 (stretch) Live ISO. It should run on any system that has Gtk+ v3.22.11 or later installed, unfortunately I have not been able to install that version of Gtk+ on Debian 8 (wheezy), though it should be possible.


  • Kurt Jacobson: initiated the project
  • TurBoss: fixed the bugs


THE AUTHORS OF THIS SOFTWARE ACCEPT ABSOLUTELY NO LIABILITY FOR ANY HARM OR LOSS RESULTING FROM ITS USE. IT IS EXTREMELY UNWISE TO RELY ON SOFTWARE ALONE FOR SAFETY. Any machinery capable of harming persons must have provisions for completely removing power from all motors, etc, before persons enter any danger area. All machinery must be designed to comply with local and national safety codes, and the authors of this software can not, and do not, take any responsibility for such compliance.

This software is released under the GPLv2.

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