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🚀 Up to date offset and dumper-config for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For more informations visit the release page on UnKnoWnCheaTs.

Local Player

Since in the past the signature for the LocalPlayer was broken a few times and/or pointed to something wrong, I want to offer you an alternative. All required offsets are already in the repo, why 99% of people don't use them is questionable - or they are just too incompetent and complain that nothing works, but they can't find a single signature themselves. However, pretty much every hack uses the entity list (dwEntityList) and also ClientState (dwClientState). All you need is a third offset which is located in ClientState, called dwClientState_GetLocalPlayer.

const auto client_state = read_memory<std::uint32_t>( engine_image->base + hazedumper::signatures::dwClientState );
if( client_state ) {
    const auto local_player = get_client_entity( 
        read_memory<std::int32_t>( client_state + hazedumper::signatures::dwClientState_GetLocalPlayer )

    if( local_player ) {
            "[+] Found local player: 0x%X, health: %d\n",
            read_memory<std::int32_t>( local_player + hazedumper::netvars::m_iHealth )


  • ⚠️ Since we are both working and living in germany, we can't see 24/7 if there was an update and then push it. We make every effort to ensure that this happens as soon as possible.
  • 🔫 The repository always refers to the latest version of the steam store.
  • ⚠️ We are not liable for VAC bans in case of incorrect use.


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